Volvo V70 R

Volvo V70 R 1999 is a unique wagon that brings back memories of 90s street strutters. Manufactured by the amazing brand, Volvo Cars Corporation, the V70 series was divided into three generations. And V70 R was from the first generation series. 

The variants were named “V70”, with ‘V’ symbolizing Versatility and ‘70’ for the platform size used in the cars. It was bigger than the basic V40, but was smaller than the capacious V90. 

From the First Generation

As mentioned above, Volvo V70 R 1999 was from the first generation series launched by the brand. It was designed after the makers got inspired by the brand’s 850 Estate. Taking the same base, the designers curved the edges giving it a more sculpted look. 

The front end of the car was completely transformed and it was equipped with clear indicator lenses. It also had fully-painted side trims and bumpers. The makers also revised a major part of the interior including the dashboard, seats, and door panels. 

Completely replacing the leading Volvo 850 variants, Volvo V70 R 1999 was first unveiled in May of 1997. Very much similar to the 850 series, the interior was adorned with Leather with diamond stitching all over the seats. Few other stylish additions were the blue gauge faces and front bumper, uplifted the overall look of the car.

Special alloy wheels were designed just for this car. For the US variants, Volvo V70 R 1999 had 16’’ alloy wheels. While they also had a 17’’ version available at extra charges. The cars also sported a trunk mounted CD-changer along with an enhanced upgraded stereo system. 

Volvo V70 R 1999 was available in six different colors. These were Coral Red, Saffron, Black Stone, Regency Red, Silver Metallic, and Nautic Blue. In these, excluding Black Stone, rest shades were pearl or metallic paints. And the shade Saffron was an exclusivity only available for V70 R versions, not standard V70 series. 

Talking about the Specs

Volvo also redesigned the suspension system for this car. It had firmer shocks and low-ride height. These were available in both Front Wheel Drive (FWD) and All Wheel Drive (AWD) variants. And also had an option of 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission to choose from. 

The automatic transmission had a 240 PS rate, while the manual transmission had a larger Turbo power with 250 PS rating. They had a torque of 350 Nm. For the US market, the brand did not release the manual or FWD versions of the car. 

Volvo also developed an exclusive Road and Traffic Information Navigation System for this car. Delivering the best performance of the model range, the V70 R’s were also blessed with high-performing engines and strong under-hood setup. 

Striking Features

Just by looking at the body and design of V70 R, one can conclude that the car was made by Volvo.  Regardless of the changed V-shaped hood and front fascia, the rear was left untouched. It still retained the looks of a curved Volvo 850. 

Volvo V70 R 1999 still has the traditional Swede kicking and styling drags of a conventional 90s car. Apart from changing the looks and trendiness, the makers had also taken great measures for the passenger safety in this car. 

Safety First! 

As mentioned above, the car had an improved RTI Nav system. But this is just the start. The list of Volvo’s safety upgrades to this car is very long. They also installed Side-Impact Airbags on the driver and front passenger seats. Apart from a robust Side-Impact Protection System the car also had dual-front ABS airbags.

Volvo V70 R 1999 was geared-up with Child-safety Door Lock, which was similar to the 850. Moreover, the reinforced B-pillar provided a stronger SIPS setup. This helped the airbags to inflate at the right moment and protect the passenger. 

The Salon variant of V70 R was assessed by Euro NCAP and shocked everyone by getting 4/4 stars in their test. They had rated it based on its competency in protecting any Adult Occupant. For the front test, it got rated 7/16, while the side test scored 16/16 rating. 

With an overall score of 25/37, the car aced the test and it added to its profile as a functional and safe automotive. It was also evaluated by the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The car was awarded with 5 star rating for its impeccable front passenger and driver protection gear. It got a 4 star rating for rear passenger side protection. 

Scale Model Cars

You can find numerous V70 scale models on the market and on the second hand market as well.
However you will only find one scale model car manufacturer who offers Volvo V70 R at scale 1/18. Thankfully, it is made in high-end resin with lots of details, starting from ‘R’ engraved wheels, 3D badges and Volvo logos to spare parts and even tiny inscriptions on left and right commodos you can read with help of a magnifying lens.  

Visit DNA Collectibles’ website here to find out about this Laser Blue beauty.

Second generation (year 2003) of 1/18 scale Volvo V70 R can also be found on DNA Collectibles website here.

If you are a Volvo scale models’ collector, there are plenty of other high end models to be found on this dedicated Volvo page.


Final Verdict 

Volvo V70 R 1999 is an amazing automobile designed to last and perform under all circumstances. Its enhanced performance and design from Volvo 850 made it highly popular among the consumers. The car has a strong mechanical setup under the hood and is very capacious. 

V70 R stood out for its improved interior design and wide range of color variants. The upgraded safety features of the car also assisted in popularizing the automobile in the market. Moreover, the option of purchasing a manual or automatic drive gave the buyers a chance to get what they wanted. 

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