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Volvo V70 R GEN 2 1/18 scale model car by DNA Collectibles.

After the enormous success of the first version already reproduced in the past in Flash Green, we couldn’t resist to replicate once more the Volvo V70 R GEN 2 in Cosmos Blue at 1/18 scale. Volvo equipped this wagon with its most powerful engine : 2.5L Turbocharged 300 hp ; and with high standards of comfort which you can expect from a car of this standing : beautiful sport seats, 4 wheel drive, Xenon headlights.... Powerful and classy !


The Volvo V70 R Gen 2 Cosmos Blue is a DNA Collectibles exclusivity at the 1/18 scale. Admire and scrutinize this beautiful 1 18 scale model car replica reproduced with a fantastic color selection. This miniature car will find for sure a great spot in your collection. You are a Volvo fan? Don’t hesitate and shop it now! You are not a Volvo fan? it’s time to change your mind ! Anyway, everybody will agree on the top quality of this masterpiece.

Each chassis numbered | Limited series:
Cosmos Blue: 399 pcs

SOLD OUT! | Ready to be shipped : 4th Quarter 2021

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Volvo V70 R Gen 2 : one of the first 1/18 scale model best sellers of DNA Collectibles reproduced again to satisfy you !

Few months earlier, DNA Collectibles already reproduced the Volvo V70 R in Flash Green / Atacama. And guess what ? This 1/18 scale model car was one of our first huge successes ! This miniature was sold out very quickly. How quick ? That’s simple : we sold almost all the production during the pre-order period, and this model only last a couple of weeks in stock… So let us take this opportunity to thank our community for such a support. Thank you!
Talking about our community, you were numerous to ask for a re-edition of the V70 R Gen 2 in Cosmos Blue body color ! And you know how it works: YOU WANT, WE LISTEN, WE ACT.

It’s time to focus on this masterpiece now, let’s talk about the exterior.
Regarding the front of the scale model, first we would like to bring your attention to the Volvo logo and the “R” which are perfectly integrated into the perforated front grill and from where you can notice the radiator behind.
The headlights are also fully detailed and realistic : the engraved lines inside the headlights, the bulbs, the fog lights, and even the specific small wipers are there.
Let’s move to the trunk where we added the “V70 R” and “AWD” stickers just like on the actual car. Don’t you think that the twin chromed exhaust pipe look so real? What about the very specific spoiler replicated with the integrated third stop light? We do what we have to do to get as close as possible from the true Volvo V70 R Gen 2.
A small but interesting detail, we added the typical defrost line on the rear windows too.
To finish with the exterior focus, we would like to highlight the great “graphite” (anthracite) color of the Pegasus rims as well as the “R” logos directly engraved on the rims and on the brake calipers.

Let’s move to the interior now.
We chose a bicolor Beige and Black interior to beautifully contrast with the Cosmos Blue body paint.
In addition to the very realistic and detailed dashboard and central console, DNA Collectibles brought some interesting features to match as much as possible to the real car. First, we accurately printed the very specific to the V70 R instrument cluster blue fond. Then we applied aluminum decoration to the cockpit, especially along the door panels, around the dashboard and the central console, and also on the finely designed separate part gear lever.
The steering wheel is very accurate as well with the “R” logo sticker added on it.
We found it interesting to show the integrated GPS in open position to feel like the car is ready to leave the parking lot.
As usual, the seat belts are made of real fabric, and we added photo etched speakers where other manufacturers would only mould it into the cockpit.

Volvo V70R Volvo V70R
Volvo V70R
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