Volvo XC70 Ocean Race

The classic Volvo V70 got an upgrade when it was released in the market as Volvo XC70 Ocean Race Edition 2006. This second-generation model of the brand’s V series brought the best of various cars in one. With standard Volvo P2 Platform and upgraded mechanics, the XC70 definitely outshined its predecessors. 

The car had unique styling and improved performance from all the other V70 series automobiles. This new creation of Volvo featured a body that was 70% more rigid than all its previous cars. It drew its inspiration from 1999 Ford’s acquisition of Volvo Car Corporation

Upgraded Version of Volvo V70 & XC 70

As mentioned above, Volvo XC70 Ocean Race Edition 2006 is the newer and better version of the V70 series. It also outperformed the standard XC70 models in many ways. One thing that made this segment stand out was its availability in only one unique shade of blue! 

As the name suggests, the cars had an Ocean Blue body color, making them easily distinguishable from the other versions. The silver trimmings and roof rails on the exterior added to its unique looks. These models also had a different badging, which made them different from the non-OR models. 

In 2005, Volvo launched a revised version of the XC70 Ocean Race. This variant continued to dominate the market for the upcoming years. It sported upgraded equipment, alloy wheels, leather seats, and more. 


Volvo XC70 Ocean Race Edition 2006 was designed by a popular British Car Designer- Peter Horbury. Working with Volvo, he aimed at bringing the best of sports car style with a capacious wagon. This helped them remove the limitations of one genre with the other. Peter agreed that the front sporty end of the car signified the Jaguar E-Type connected to the Ford Transit van or the comfier back end.

Features of XC70 Ocean Race

The OR XC70 only comes in a stunning and standard Ocean Blue color. Therefore, one doesn’t have many options when it comes to color availability. The cars also have a standard key fob with sleek ‘Limited Edition’ badges. Its dashboard has a plaque that consists of car identification numbers and series. 

Getting inspired from the blue on the outside, the makers have also used a little of that on the console and seats. Brushed aluminum bits were also used all over the car to complement its blue color. These automobiles came fitted with Dolby Pro-Logic II surround sound system, bi-Xenon headlights, polished aluminum wheels, and more! 


Aesthetically pleasing from the outside, the car also has an equally impressive interior. The rear seat is slightly raised as compared to the front ones. While the center console has space to store multiple accessories and essentials, the rear end has a seat-table, cargo net, wastebasket, and tons of other features. 

In Volvo XC70 Ocean Race Edition 2006, the front seat headrest has a coat hook on the sides. It also has a glove compartment that contains a toll card and pen holder. The rear seating has a 2-position backrest, favoring comfort and cargo; both increasing the functionality of the car. 

Performance of Volvo XC70 Ocean Race Edition 2006

This unique car is known for its performing nature. Volvo XC70 Ocean Race has 208 horsepower, which it gets from a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine with 5 cylinders. This matches its 5-speed manual-automatic gearbox and gives out a 236 pound-feet torque. 

With the higher wheelbase and quasi-SUV rubber, one can definitely not mistake this car for a basic Lotus Elise. Moreover, it has a light steering feature, unlike many other mid-size SUVs. And the smaller wagon size makes it easy to drive on the streets. For their Volvo XC70 Ocean Race Edition 2006, the cars also received a new all-wheel-drive system that was controlled electronically. 

For areas that received snowfall, this car provided an all-wheel-drive system to the drivers. They could easily navigate their way through the tough and slippery streets. It also had the standard skid plates along with a raised suspension system. However, not many would recommend taking this vehicle for an off-roading venture. 

Why choose Ocean Race?

It is said that the V70 series of Volvo were the true heirs of the brand’s quality and performing reputation. With electronic brake upgrades and responsive steering, Volvo XC70 Ocean Race Edition 2006 is a safer car option. 

It also has optional traction control and smartly positioned airbags to keep the driver and passengers safe. The car has active seats along with a safety-cell body frame, which helped it protect the occupants from all types of injury and whiplash. 


Final Verdict

Volvo XC70 Ocean Race Edition 2006 is a smoother driving car that delivers optimal performance. Its enhanced performance and good looks made it a better option for many buyers who are looking for a sporty car that also offers enhanced comfort and space. The car had better equipment and styling than its predecessors. This helped in improving its output. 


Where to buy a scale model car of the Volvo XC70 Ocean Race?

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