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Saab was the first brand to be lovingly reproduced by DNA Collectibles and the brand was specifically chosen for three main reasons. It’s a brand that has a large following among scale model cars collectors, SAAB produced brilliant cars and the brand sadly no longer exists.

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Discover our range of Saab scale model cars

Did you know that SAAB stands for Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget or 'Swedish aeroplane corporation'? This is because SAAB once built aeroplanes for the Swedish airforce. We love SAAB scale model cars at DNA Collectibles and want to share our passion with you.

At DNA Collectibles, the first car we made in 2018 was a Saab 9-3 Viggen convertible. This may have been an unusual choice compared to other model car manufacturers but we wanted to build a car that we are passionate about - and a convertible car that would allow us to showcase our model building skills to the best advantage. It was essential to ensure that all of our interior details were absolutely spot on; as they couldn't be hidden behind a roof! We did just that with the Saab Viggen. Each button and switch can be seen, even as far as the adjustment button to lower the interior lights! Even more significantly, the key is located on the floor, because, after all, the car is a Saab and that is where it is intended to be. The interior of the first car is impressive by any standard and acts as a benchmark for all our SAAB models. You can look forward to admiring a host of features, such as a removable roof, a transparent base/stand, and drawstring cover bag which can also be used as a model car polishing cloth. Collectors of SAAB diecast model cars will find plenty to admire in our range of exclusive scale model SAAB vehicles.

Saab rising from 1937 to 1968

As already said, Saab's name stands for Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget which means Swedish aeroplane corporation. Indeed, Saab historical activity was oriented to the aerospace and defense area since its creation in 1937. The context of World War II was gradually threatening Europe, and the Swedish Air Force needed the company to build aircrafts to protect the country's neutrality.

When times of peace finally showed up in 1945, Saab had to diversify and to look for new markets. That's how the manufacturing site of Trollhättan turned its activity from aircraft building into an automobile assembly plant in 1948. After designing four prototypes named Ursaab from number 92001 to 92004, the very first Saab 92 model was officially launched and produced in 1949.

In the 50's, the Saab 92 definitely launched Saab's reputation as a car maker by selling about 20'000 cars. In this decade, new models as the Saab 93, 94, 95 and the first Saab Sonetts conforted Saab's success. The Saab 96 model marked an important milestone for the Swedish company in the 60's. It was the first car to be widely exported abroad with almost 550'000 units sold over the world. But the real game changer for Saab was the Saab 99 in 1968. This model offered so much new features and innovations that they will definitely distinguish Saab's cars against all the other car manufacturers for decades.

The real soul of the company finally established itself.

Saab 9-4X
Saab 9-3 TurboX

Saab decline and bankrupcy... The legend remain

In 1969, Saab-Scania AB was formed after the merge of Saab AB and Scania-Vabis AB, another Swedish car manufacturer. During the 70's and the 80's, thanks to an agreement with Fiat to communly develop new platforms, Saab continued to build new models such as the Saab 600, the Saab 9000 and the Saab 900. This last one was a huge success with almost 1 million unit produced.

1989 is the year of the company's restructuration when General Motors and Investor AB came up to an agreement to control 50% of the shares of Saab Automobile AB (newly independant car division of Saab-Scania). During this period, the launch of the new Saab 900 allowed the company to be profitable in 1995, which never happened since 1988. GM acquired the remaining Saab Automobile AB shares in 2000 to fully control the subsidiary. Unfortunately since then, Saab's new models were not successful... That's the beginning of the troubles for the famous Swedish company.

In December 2008, General Motors announced that the Saab brand was being reviewed with a possibility to sell or even shut down the activity. After long and painful negociations with Koenigsegg in 2009, a purchase deal finally failed. This is finally Skyper N.V. who purchased Saab's company in February 2010, but within a year Spyder couldn't afford the losses. After several and tumultuous saving attempts, Saab was finally acquired by NEVS from 2012 to 2016 when the Chinese company eventually renounced to the Saab brand.

Nowadays, Saab remains a legendary car manufacturer in the mind of people. These nostalgic owners and formal owners of Saab cars keep very active today, especially in the scale model market.