Volvo V70 R 1999 is a unique wagon that brings back memories of 90s street strutters. Manufactured by the amazing brand, Volvo Cars Corporation, the V70 series was divided into three generations. And V70 R was from the first generation series. 

The variants were named “V70”, with ‘V’ symbolizing Versatility and ‘70’ for the platform size used in the cars. It was bigger than the basic V40, but was smaller than the capacious V90. 

There are not many cars that outlive the classy style and robust performance of others. You can call it “Timeless”. One such car is the Volvo 780 Coupe Bertone 1986. Oozing with elegance and functionality, this unique car features the distinct style of Volvo’s 80s automobiles. With perfect proportions and sleek design, this car would win all hearts that beat for the classy vintage cars. 

Volvo has some of the safest cars in the world. However, the Swedish brand has not always had the success it deserves. Volvo models have not always had the elegant design that we know today. For the past ten years, the brand has been revitalized and has adopted a new style. The design of Volvo cars is renewed. The Swedish brand has become more attractive. It now competes with the biggest brands such as Audi, Mercedes and BMW. Discover the 5 most emblematic models of the Volvo brand.

Volvo Cars Corporation has built its name by developing safe and sound automobiles. But it is not exactly the name that comes to mind in context with exciting models that are trying to experiment and breaking new ground. But the C70 coupe is an exception to that general perception. This jaunty and licentious front-drive two-door car is meant to challenge the expectations of users, in terms of luxury and performance.