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Discover all the exclusive replica cars for sale, although this page is regularly updated with new models. You'll love buying our high-quality scale model cars online and enhancing your collection with miniature collectors' cars designed by DNA Collectibles


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DNA Collectibles scale model cars for sale

At DNA Collectibles, we manufacture cars in a range of sizes, 1:43 which is approximately 4 inches or 10 cm long 1:64, which is 2.75 inches or 7 cm long; and 1:18 which is 10 inches or 25 cm long. At the moment, we only have 1:18 scale model cars in stock. We love the slightly larger size of 1:18 replica cars for sale as it allows us to show all the details to the best possible effect.

Men and women and boys and girls have been fascinated with cars since the invention of the first model in 1885. At DNA Collectibles, we believe that miniature cars are the best way to appreciate the fine details of the best cars in the world without having to compromise on your bank balance. Model cars were originally sold as children's toys but are now regarded as treasured symbols of design and make wonderful gifts for car lovers and collectors alike.

Whilst many collectors of scale model cars prefer to concentrate on the value and nostalgia that are typically associated with classic and vintage diecast and resin cars there is also a wide range of modern diecast cars available, and this is the area in which DNA Collectibles has chosen to specialise. These modern styles appeal to hobbyists and enthusiasts, as well as professional collectors keen to invest in more modern and hard to source designs. We have several brands of modern resin miniature cars for sale from which you can choose – all our brands that we love : Volvo, Saab, Ford, Subaru, Audi and Volkswagen.

Which types of replica cars for sale do we find at DNA Collectibles ?

We have several types of replica cars for sale in the 1:18 scale :  sports cars, concept cars, or city cars. Choose from exclusive to DNA Collectibles sports car models, such as the Rezvani Tank Military Edition, which was given the go-ahead by Mr Rezvani who loved our model. The 1:18 scale model is an exact replica of the legendary beast and is a real way of paying homage to the muscular vehicle. Or you might prefer the smooth clean lines of the Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept, an ultra-modern hybrid which impressed the world when it was released at the 2015 Los Angeles Auto Show.
How about our fabulous model Saab 9-5 Sportcombi which perfectly replicates the second generation version of this beautiful family vehicle ?

Whatever type of car you prefer, you will be sure to find at least one that appeals and is an asset to your collection. We love each and every one of our carefully crafted scale model cars for sale and are sure you will too.

If you want to make a canny investment and buy scale model cars hoping that the worth of your diecast or resin car, truck or van will increase over time, there are a few tips to consider. Firstly, do plenty of research before making a purchase as many people who have been  collecting for many years will have a keen sense of which models are likely to be more valuable than others. This means that items only produced in limited numbers will quickly sell out. Always buy from a company with an excellent reputation, such as
DNA Collectibles and keep a close eye on our changing models! You can also visit and subscribe to our Youtube
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