Our 1 18 Concept Cars

DNA Collectibles offers exclusive 1:18 Concept Cars, which are specifically designed to appeal to the most discerning of scale model car collectors. Introducing our current range of Concept Cars, which includes the Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept, a highly desirable car that was presented to the public in 2015 at the Wörthersee festival and Los Angeles Auto Show. Originally developed as a PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), this VW Concept Car is intensely appealing.


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DNA Collectibles' 1:18 Concept Cars

The scale model 1:18 concept cars made by DNA Collectibles are very special items that are extremely hard to source. But what exactly is the difference between a Concept-Car and a prototype? The first one is highly mediatized and is primarily seen as a marketing product. Its function is to impress by showing what the manufacturer can do but it will never be produced. A prototype is more discreet, sometimes even classified, it represents the step before the mass production.

A Concept Car is generally a unique “one-off” attempt of the designers and manufacturers to develop experimental ideas or concepts to spark conversations and debates that an important part of the shaping of the future development of cars. Concept cars are frequently unfinished, impractical, and are unlikely to ever make it to the final stages of production. There is hardly any consideration for manufacturability, reliability, fabrication costs, roadworthiness, performance or safety. The 1:18 Concept Car pays homage to this particular stage in the history of the automobile.

A prototype model is usually a work in progress design that is planned to eventually make it into the production line. Of course, there is likely to be some experimental features of the prototype to help the developers assess whether the new technology is ready or suitable to go to production. Prototype cars generally have parts that come from existing mainstream parts — with a clear and detailed understanding of their performance, manufacturability, reliability and cost. Prototype cars ultimately enable the company to confirm that the new design is ready to be produced on a large scale or to highlight any faults that still need work. A manufacturer may make several prototype variations, with the earlier models having a higher proportion of sections or parts made by “one-off” customised methods of fabrication. Near the final part of the prototype process, the parts will be mainly made with production-ready processes and will be virtually the same as the end production vehicles.

DNA Collectibles does not offer prototype scale models mainly due to a lack of interest but the 1:18 Concept Cars is an intriguing part of our range that will certainly continue to be expanded and developed.