Our Subaru scale model cars

Our miniature Subaru cars are all highly detailed resin models of the highest quality. You are guaranteed to be impressed by the quality and intricacy of the detailing of both interiors and exteriors of each Subaru scale model cars. You will find Subaru model cars that are simply not available anywhere else, such as the SUBARU IMPREZA GT TURBO 2000 1/18 Scale in Rally Blue, the BRAT, the FORESTER STI or the ALCYONE SVX.

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Subaru scale model cars at DNA Collectibles

All Subarus made by DNA Collectibles are made to the same world-class standard, but let's focus on the Subaru Impreza as the best way of introducing DNA Collectibles’ innovative approach to this iconic brand. This is Subaru's best-known rally car, replacing the company's well-loved Leone as its compact car since 1992. It has been driven by Colin McRae in the World Rally Championships and has won many rally titles. Its Rally Blue WRC livery with “555” graphics is now regarded as iconic. The Subaru Impreza has a 2-litre Turbo Boxer engine with horizontally placed pistons leading to a very distinctive sounding engine, although sound effects are not something that we currently reproduce! Since its inception, the Impreza was available in a choice of front-wheel or all-wheel drive, and four and five-door options. In the full-scale world, the Impreza is on its fifth-generation version and DNA Collectibles has currently replicated the first generation Subaru Impreza GT Turbo 2000 in the most recent GC8G model.

This Subaru Impreza GT Turbo 2000 is a DNA Collectibles exclusive at 1/18 scale and features the four-door version derived straight from the World Rally Championship vehicle. We decided to launch this iconic model in response to demand from our customers but only 320 have been made to date. Each chassis has been individually numbered and mounted on the transparent plastic style stand that DNA famously supplies all of its models; a pleasant touch that really adds to the overall appeal. The paintwork is flawless with just the right proportion of metallic sheen. The body shape exactly captures the essence of the iconic car. The superb finesse applied to the area around the front grille and air dam is a delight to the eye - everything is included, such as the spot lamps, side air intakes, indicators and headlamp washer units. All details are impressively replicated including the wheels and brake discs. The interior can be easily admired because of the expansive 'glass' area. All of these marvellous features apply to all of the Subaru diecast model cars which are the embodiment of authenticity and value for money.

DNA Collectibles fill in the gaps of Subaru scale models demand

The Impreza, the Brat and the Baja are emblematic models of Subaru that have been reproduced in miniature by DNA Collectibles.

Subaru diecast and resin scale model cars are largely requested by collectors but, until now, have been largely forgotten by miniature car manufacturers and that's why DNA Collectibles decided to answer this large and ever-growing demand.

Subaru Brat
Subaru Baja

Subaru model cars, when you start, you can't stop...

Collectors of miniature Subaru cars will surely not be content at limiting themselves to just one of these beautiful and rare models.

Whether you are a former collector of Subaru diecast model cars or are accustomed to resin models, you will find plenty of interest in our range of Subaru scale model cars.