Volvo S90 Royal

Volvo definitely added a feather to its cap with this one. Combining the staple design with comfortable, modern seating and a sophisticated powertrain, the Volvo S90 Level 3 Executive is a splendid ride.

Even though there are many other options to point at in this segment, which is the luxury car market, Volvo has managed to carve its place. It has fast become one of the most preferred models in the segment. Below is a brief rundown of this amazing luxury vehicle.

Volvo S90 Level 3 Executive: Design Features

Without losing its quintessential Swedish charm and keeping security as its priority, Volvo has managed to redefine what luxurious design can accomplish. With the launch of the S90 sedan, Volvo has clearly placed itself among strong competition. Below are some of the design features that make Volvo S90 Level 3 Executive special:

  • The vehicle is bigger than the S70. Weighing around 1.8 tonnes, the S90 is also heavier than most of its rival sedans.
  • Despite the weighted body, there is no detection of heft in the movement of the car. The cabin of this vehicle is also quite large and spacier.
  • Comprising all the signature design traits of Volvo, the vehicle comprises a long, lowered hood and headlamps with the wipers. 
  • Among other additions, you will find the vehicle embellished with stalked mirrors, an elevated beltline, and 18-inch alloy wheels that give the wheel arches a more sophisticated aesthetic. 
  • Chrome components are emphasizing the design features. The rear is a slight coupe-esque, similar to the 780 Coupé, comprising a steeply raked rear glass. Large tail-lamps and plump rear fender complete the design of S90.

Nailing the balance between a minimalistic aesthetic and eastern flair, the design elements of Volvo S90 Level 3 Executive is what makes it stand apart from its rival sedans.

Volvo S90 Level 3 Executive: Interior Features

Below are a few pointers about the interiors of the car:

  • The cabin is pretty large and has ample space.
  • The leather seats are comfortable and cozy. 
  • The dashboard also comprises stitched leather panels, showcasing contrast stitching and walnut wood inlays.
  • Instead of the veneers that are usually found in other luxury models, here, you will find decent panels.
  • The dashboard also showcases deft chrome and aluminum trim. 


Volvo S90 Level 3 Executive: Performance Features

Below are some of the performance-related high-points presented by the Volvo S90:

  • This is a six-cylinder, petrol vehicle that is a rear-wheel drive.
  • The handling and drive quality is much superior to its competitors. The 2,922cc engine yields a peak power of 204 horsepower.
  • The peak torque of 267Nm is obtained from about 1,750rpm. 
  • The steering is quite precise and at speed, weights up quite well.


Volvo S90 Level 3 Executive: Pricing

The retail manufacturing price of the Volvo S90 Level 3 Executive, was around $50,000. This pricing range was slightly over the average pricing for the luxury mid-size car segment. However, it was worth every penny and is today extremely rare to find on the market if you ever wish to drive one.

After about twenty years, Volvo decided to redesign its flagship S90 with a very modern touch. Obviously, the new car features lots of safety and technological characteristics, such as many airbags, large display screens etc. The pricing range of the plug-in-hybrid model of S90 begins at $60,050. If you would compare this pricing with other rivals in the segment, you would find that the pricing is relatively much lower. The completely loaded version of the model was priced at just below $69,000. 

Scale model car

Even though the scale model car market is highly competitive, there is only one place where you can find a 1/18 miniature replica cars of the 1998 S90 Royal and it is here:

DNA Collectibles Volvo S90 Royal

It is available as limited series and in four colors:

  • Nautic blue: 399 pcs
  • Blackberry pearl: 299 pcs
  • Olive dark green: 299 pcs
  • Champagne: 299 pcs

If you are a true Volvo model car fan, you can find many other nice models to add to your collection on this webpage



When it comes to luxury sedans, few cars deliver this favorable of a cost-benefit ratio. The Volvo S90 is certainly a car that demands consideration in the segment of executive sedans. With its distinctive Volvo signature design, the model is definitely more well-rounded than other rivals in its class. Currently, there is a lot of competition in the market in this segment, but the S90 is maintaining quite a stronghold, at least so far.

Surely, there are certain additions that could have made the model entirely irresistible. For instance, one does come away wanting more in terms of a few more trim options. And adding another powertrain alternative couldn’t have hurt the model either. However, these come to mind only when one is nitpicking. On pretty much all fronts, Volvo S90 Level 3 Executive is a gratifying choice for a luxury sedan and it is a great feeling being inside it for a long and comfortable journey.

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