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Volvo XC70 Ocean Race 1 18 scale model replica by DNA Collectibles.

The Ocean Race Edition commemorates the Volvo sponsorship of the round-the-world sailing race. Blue paint, specific badges and interior blue zigzag stitches. Thanks to its huge cargo area and spacious interior, it makes this car a must have if you are a Volvo amateur. It is also a very capable vehicle, as the Cross Country version, it features raised suspensions and not painted protections all around. Coupled with a 4 wheel drive transmission, it makes it an excellent all-weather drive!



The Volvo XC70 Ocean Race is a DNA Collectibles Exclusivity at the 1/18 scale. The finest all terrain wagon is now replicated in its most Special Edition, the Ocean Race. Fall in love with this beautiful blue paint livery and the attention to details that distinguishes all the DNA scale models.
It will perfectly fit your collection, and definitely a great addition of the Volvo history.

Each chassis numbered | Limited series:
Ocean Blue: 599 pcs

Pre Order! | Ready to be shipped : 4th Quarter 2021
The model you see in the pictures is a prototype that is going to be improved during its production process.

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The Volvo XC70 Cross Country tributes the Volvo Ocean Race

Before talking about the car, we need to recall a bit of sailing history first ! The Ocean Race is a worldwide famous yacht race event happening since 1973. In 2001, when Volvo took over the sponsorship of the race from Whitbread (a British brewing company), the race officially became “Volvo Ocean Race”. What a brilliant marketing move!
Then of course, Volvo was smart enough to create special car editions around this major sailing event by developing for example the Volvo V90 Cross Country Ocean Race and the Volvo XC70 Cross Country Ocean Race.

Let’s quote Mr Gerry Keaney, Senior Vice President Marketing, Sales and Customer Service at Volvo Cars : “The Volvo Ocean Race represents values that reflect what our customers are looking for in their cars. It’s all about an active lifestyle, adventure and passion. The campaign cars radiate all this and we know from experience that they are highly attractive models”.

Now, It is time to talk about the main topic of this page : the 1/18 scale model car replica of the Volvo XC70 Cross Country Ocean Race by DNA Collectibles.
First, did you know that the XC70 CC OR shares the same chassis than the Volvo V70 R with Cross Country adaptations? Like the wheel arch, the unpainted bumpers protections, the elevated suspensions and the All Wheel Drive.
What does Ocean Race edition actually mean? Very simple : mainly a fantastic Ocean Blue body paint, the official “Volvo Ocean Race” badges applied on the front doors, and splendid light blue aluminum trims incorporated to the beautiful Beige cockpit.

But let’s focus for a moment on the exterior of the Volvo XC70 Cross Country Ocean Race. The front of the scale model car is quite impressive regarding the quality and the level of details. The well replicated front grill integrates the typical diagonal bar, the Volvo logo, and lets you see through it to reveal the radiator and the fan behind. The headlights and foglights are also extremely accurate by showing very fine texture details.
Sportive attitude is added by the rear spoiler. From an esthetic perspective, the aluminum pack was replicated on the following parts:

  • on the roof rack
  • on the center and rocker panel where the “XC” wording is engraved
  • on the front and rear bumpers
  • on the 17 inches rims

To finish with the exterior, we didn’t miss the the mudguards on each wheel and the inscriptions “XC 70”, “Volvo” and “Cross Country” applied on the trunk!

From the windows or the sun roof, you can easily scrutinize and appreciate the perfect rendering of the cabin. The cabin of the real car was available in Black or Beige, so we ran a poll to select the best color for this scale model replica. The Volvo Model Cars facebook group community thought that Beige would be an harmonious choice to contrast with the Ocean Blue body color, so Beige it is!
The cockpit presents interesting features such as a very detailed dashboard and central console with an integrated GPS / Multimedia device, beautiful light blue aluminum trims applied on the door panels, the central console and the glove box, photo etched speakers and seat buckles on top of the real fabric seat belts, and several separate parts : the multifunctional steering wheel with the Volvo logo integrated, the hand brake, the automatic gear lever, the door handles and the central mirror.
To conclude with this masterpiece, we had a lot of pleasure to reproduce the elegant and cosy leather effect seats and armrests.

Volvo XC70 Ocean Race Volvo XC70 Ocean Race
Volvo XC70 Ocean Race
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