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Volvo C70 Coupe 1 18 scale model replica by DNA Collectibles.

Introduced in 1997, the signature color was quite unconventional in Saffron Pearl. This Volvo C70 was made famous by the movie “The Saint”, driven by Val Kilmer who played Simon Templar character. The Volvo powerful 5 cylinders T5 version could easily compete with Mercedes and BMW. Together with a luxurious leather interior trimmed with wood veneer and a loud Dolby Surround music system. It is easy to fall in love with this stylish Grand Touring design coupe named Volvo C70 coupe.



The Volvo C70 Coupe is a DNA Collectibles Exclusivity at the 1/18 scale.

The best looking Volvo ever built can now be yours! Greatly replicated by DNA Collectibles, this perfectly designed silhouette can be admired every time in your collection.
Already a classic by Volvo lovers, this premium comfortable cruiser glorifies the Volvo philosophy. Let yourself be tempted by this Swedish design.


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Volvo C70 Coupé 1998, 30 months to develop the real one, 12 months to develop the scale model car replica by DNA Collectibles

After the great success of our previous Volvo C70 Convertible, our community expressly requested to us to reproduce the Coupé version. The Volvo Model Cars facebook group was pretty active regarding this inquiry! You already know that DNA Collectibles always try to satisfy our collectors needs… So as you wish! We are proud to present you our Volvo C70 Coupé 1998 scale model car replica at 1/18 scale.

First, we have to highlight the fantastic Saffron exterior paint which was one important aspect asked by the community. What a great final rendering! We decided to use a new Canisto 5 spokes rims on the coupé version, contrary to the Propus rims we used for our previous Convertible version. You can also notice that the Volvo logo sticker is very well applied on the center caps of the wheels.
Let’s have a look at the front and the back of the exterior now. DNA Collectibles perfectly reproduced the perforated front grill with the inlaid logo in the center. A tiny but important detail, small wipers were added onto the engraved headlights just like the actual car.
To be as accurate as possible, you can see 3 fixation points on the rear side pop up windows. The C70 and the Volvo sticker logos are applied on the back of the car with very high end finishes.

Let’s focus on the interior now, that’s as well where DNA Collectibles distinguish itself from other manufacturers… An impressive high level of details!
As usual, the dashboard and central consol are just fantastic. You can actually see and read every tiny details like the radio buttons, the heating seats buttons and the commodos. To bring as much realism as possible, we applied separate parts for the steering wheel, the automatic transmission gear lever, the hand brake, the door handles, the central mirror, and other small details. Look at the outstanding wooden inserts around the dashboard and the central consol, very classy.
The photoetched speakers from the Dynaudio pack are very precise too. Do you read the sticker “Dolby Surround Audio” applied on the central speaker? it is the quintessence of accuracy.
Finally, the heating line on the rear windows are there to defrost your model during the winter! Just kidding, please keep the scale model car replica in good storing condition (stable temperature, away from the natural sunlight).

Volvo C70 Coupe Volvo C70 Coupe
Volvo C70 Coupe
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