Saab 9000 Aero CS 1/18


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Saab 9000 Aero CS 1/18

Saab 9000 Aero CS 1 18 scale model replica by DNA Collectibles.

The Saab 9000 series were one of the most successful sales of the Swedish car maker. Designed by the famous designers Giorgetto Giugiaro and Björn Envall, this car was produced in Trollhättan (Sweden) and Uusikaupunki (Finland) between 1984 and 1998. The Saab 9000 shares its platform with 3 other cars from Fiat automobiles (Fiat Croma, Lancia Thema, and Alfa Romeo 164). DNA Collectibles decided to reproduce the Saab 9000 Aero CS liftback from 1995 as a 1/18 scale model car ! Scroll down to see pictures and videos of the next new center piece of your collection.

Saab 9000 Aero CS 1/18


The Saab 9000 Aero CS liftback is a DNA Collectibles Exclusivity at the 1/18 scale. Already reproduced in the past in Imola Red by DNA Collectibles, we decided to launch new exclusive and limited 1/18 miniature cars editions in 3 additional colors ! We couldn’t resist the pressure to do so… You were so numerous to ask for it. With its Aero kit, its beautiful Recaro seats and fantastic paint job, don’t overthink it and bring value to your collection now by purchasing this amazing Saab 9000 Aero CS 1/18 scale model car !

Each chassis numbered | Limited series:
Scarab Green: 499 pcs
Le Mans Blue: 399 pcs
Black: 399 pcs

Pre Order! Ready to be shipped: 3rd Quarter 2022
The model you see in the pictures is a prototype that is going to be improved during its production process.

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One of Saab’s the best commercial successes reproduced at 1/18 scale model : the Saab 9000 Aero CS


Our Saab 9000 Aero CS liftback 1/18 scale model car is the perfect example illustrating how DNA Collectibles actively listens to its community.
The first edition of our Saab 9000 Aero Imola Red launched in 2019 was a tremendous success and was sold out very quickly. Many people then came to us afterwards expressing their disappointment that they were not quick enough to order one... We had no choice but to launch a new edition in limited series and in the following additional colors: Scarab Green, Le Mans Blue and Black.
Here is your chance now ! Do you still need to be convinced ? Read the following description.

Exterior description

Let’s start with the front of the scale model car.
Below the Saab logo applied on the hood, the perforated front grill is just a piece of art. Embellished by the beautiful chromed trims, we carefully affixed the small “Saab” and “turbo” labels on the grill to give the best final rendering.
The finely engraved headlights are accessorized with the usual small wipers.
Below the black mat protection trim on the hood (going then along the side of the miniature car and on the rear bumper), the lower grill is also flawlessly executed.

On the side of the car, the following pieces were added as separate parts to be as realistic as possible:

  • The side mirrors
  • The turning signals
  • The door handles
  • and the plastic protection trims

The very atypical 3 spoke 16 inch Aero Alloy rims (integrating the “Saab” inscription on the center caps) perfectly embodies the Saab 9000 series design and were accurately reproduced at 1/18 scale.

If we now focus on the rear of the car, you can see that we correctly replicated the Saab logo, the “Saab” and “9000 Aero” inscriptions on the trunk. Even the tiny trunk key lock was nicely reproduced. What a level of precision !
In addition to the regular rear lights, a third stop light has been integrated at the top of the rear window.
The 2 rear wing vents on each side of the rear window were added as separate parts to feel like you are in front of the real car.

Interior description

The level of details of the cockpit is exquisite.
First of all, DNA Collectibles never use the easy way, we use the right way… That’s why, instead of moulding everything into one block, we prefer to add the following pieces as separate parts:

  • The central mirror
  • The steering wheel incorporating the Saab logo
  • The commodos
  • The manual gear lever
  • The hand brake
  • The door handles

The dashboard and the central console are full of tiny details. Look at the fidelity of the gauges on the instrument cluster ! What do you think about the buttons of the central console where you can actually see the icones and read the inscriptions ? A delight, isn’t it?

Talking about precision, we are particularly proud of the realization of the Recaro sport seats magnified by the beautiful leather effect upholstery.
The seat belts are made of real fabric and the buckles are photo etched parts.
No economies when it comes to precision.


You have all the arguments to make a good decision. This is an opportunity, and opportunities must be seized ! Buy your Saab 9000 Aero CS 1/18 scale model car now.

Saab 9000 aero Saab 9000 aero
Saab 9000 aero

Development of the Saab 9000 Aero CS - 1995

Saab 9000 Saab 9000
Saab 9000
Weight 1.8 kg
Car Year


Exterior Color

Black, Blue, Green

Interior Color

Beige, Black




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