Subaru Brat Gen 2 1/18

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Subaru Brat Gen 2 1/18

The Subaru Brat must be the most American among all the Japanese cars. Only produced for exportation, the BRAT (Bi-drive Rrecreational All-terrain Transporter) found its target in North America, United Kingdom (known as the 284), Australia (known as the Brumby) or other markets (Shifter or Targa). This Four-Wheel Drive, developed for Subaru of America by the Japanese branch of the brand, meets perfectly the American expectations in order to avoid the “chicken tax” thanks to the Jumpseats welded in this ute’s cargo part. Designed from the Subaru Leone Wagon, the second generation of the Brat is loaded with a 1.8L engine manufactured by Subaru.

Subaru Brat Gen 2 1/18

Much waited by Subie aficionados, the Subaru Brat Gen 2 is a DNA Collectibles exclusivity. The 1st generation already produced by DNA Collectibles was a hit, and it is a safe bet to say that the 2nd generation will meet the same success.

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The Subaru Brat : A pick up that tastes like chicken

The decision to reproduce the 1/18 scale model car Subaru Brat 1985 by DNA Collectibles is directly linked to the success of the 1978 version launched in 1/43 scale earlier. Who knew that this American Subaru had a hardcore fanbase? We took the bet and we won. Enough digressions let’s review this exclusive scale model car.

Let’s first focus on the exterior, and there’s a lot to say!
The choice of the light cosmic blue body paint embellished by the red B pillar “BRAT” sticker and by the white rims were requested by our followers to pay tribute to this iconic pick-up. It was hard to find this colour as it was not common, we had to dig into old paint reference books. But that’s what it takes to offer the most realistic replica car. Please note that we selected the classic 4x140 rims which is the only true specification for a lot of purists. Have a look at the photo-etched chromed trims all around the bed trunk and along the wings, this is harder than just putting a sticker, but it is much more valuable! Talking about the bed trunk, you can see that we didn’t miss any detail from the multiple engraved surfaces to the 2 perfectly reproduced jump seats with their true fabric seat belts. The 4 mud flaps with the 4WD stickers brings realism to the beautiful scale model car replica.
DNA Collectibles loves to add very tiny details that distinguish us from other manufacturers. Note the badges all around the car (the logo, the Subaru inscriptions, the 4WD, the “Brat”, the Subaru GL...) but also the accurate locks on the doors and the gas tank hatch. Finally, do you also see the splitted rear windows as well as the T-Top split roof windows? Just like on the real Subaru Brat!

Now it’s time to have a look at the interior.
First of all, the 2 tones blue and grey interior color is just beautiful. As usual, we dedicated a lot of attention to the details on the dashboard and central console, but let’s be a little bit more specific: can you read the 4WD logo on the 4WD selector? Very tiny but still visible! Now please focus on the steering wheel where we added the Subaru logo. Behind the steering wheel, DNA Collectibles reproduced precisely the very specific commodos and side round switches for the lights and wash-wipers (you can actually read these small inscriptions on our scale model car!). To bring as much realism as possible, we added several separate parts to the interior of the model like the hand brake, the 4WD selector, the door handles, the seatbelt locks…

Subaru Brat Subaru Brat
Subaru Brat


Subaru Brat in its 2nd generation is another DNA Collectibles exclusivity.

We will focus on the process to develop this iconic Subaru at scale 1/18 and try to show you some hidden details and story behind this model car.
Thanks to the success of our 1/43 Subaru Brat developed in 2018, our community requested us to do it at the bigger scale. However we wanted to offer something different. Therefore we asked you in a poll if we should copy the little sister or go with the generation 2 of the Brat. So here we are.
On the first step of development while working on the 3D rendering, we tried to add as many details as possible in order to give you the most realistic scale model. For example, on the cargo area, which is quite simple without the seats, we asked the engineer to include the shape of the six little handles located on the sides. Also reproducing the tiny seat belts fixations between the Jumpseats was complicated, as we hardly found out that they are inverted when comparing to the usual fixations in the cabin.

Let's have a look on the unpainted samples, called Master in the scale model car industry, and you can have an insight of the final model. You can see the proportions and all details and spare parts included in the sample.

Subaru Brat Subaru Brat
Subaru Brat
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