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Subaru XT Turbo AWD 1985 is exactly what comes to mind when one thinks of the trendy youngtimer cars. Boasting the classic 80s sports car looks, this amazing car has a sleek and geometric body. The pop-up headlamps complete the unique style of these all-wheel-drive cars. The 1985 model was the first of the XT series launched and manufactured by Subaru

For their new creation, the brand chose not to go with the basic chunky designs they had followed over the years. XT was more about wedge-shape and modern designs. Their engineers were driven by the elements and features of aerodynamics. This gave Subaru XT Turbo AWD 1985 flush door handles and single windshield wiper. 

Overview of the Subaru XT Turbo AWD 1985

While there are several other cars with the supposed ‘timeless’ look, XT Turbo 1985 is more about performance and functionality. Loaded with multiple gadgets, this car has an orange backlit instrument panel that contains a temperature gauge and tachometer. It also has a boost fuel indicator on a 3D display. 

The driver can control the air suspension while the single 22inch wiper is lowered on the hood to add on the aerodynamic style. This car also has 2 electric fans for cooling and headlights with washers along with a hill-holder brake system. Another thing that the makers did differently with XT Turbo was to add 1 horizontal and 1 vertical spoke on the steering. 

Subaru XT Turbo AWD 1985 has a unique wedge shape, which it gets from cars like Triumph TR7. However, the mechanics and technical aspects of the car are quite modern and different from other cars. Subaru purchased a flat-four overhead cam engine several years ago from Lloyd. 

They decided that the engine would be the perfect match for their XT. This was because the engine had a very low frontal aspect, which gave a better performance than its other counterparts. The slope on the hood reduces the drag, making it 0.29 for the car. On the rear end, the rising wedge provides extra truck space to the user. 

Each feature and aspect of the car is designed to add more functionality to it. Whether it is a unique engine or structured style, the XT Turbo has definitely outperformed many leading cars in the 80s. They have also released a 4-wheel drive variant of the car to please the growing users of the automobile worldwide.  

Highlights for Subaru XT Turbo AWD 1985

As mentioned above, the car has reduced drag, flush handles on the door, and pop-up headlights. With all these features, XT Turbo from 1985 was nothing like Subaru has ever introduced in the market. It was a totally different style and performance from the company’s original line-up. 

The car’s chassis was tilted upwards from the rear end, giving the truck a raised look. While the air deflectors added to the sleek design of this vehicle. In short, Subaru XT Turbo AWD 1985 was all about inserting and enhancing the aerodynamics in a car. Moreover, the makers also ensured that the wipers and wedge were placed correctly to support better performance. 

More Specifics

When this car was launched, there was no official motorsports program. Therefore, the engineers had to go with their “gut-feeling” and opt for a 1.8L four-cylinder. These were generally used for standard Coupes. This helped in raising the torque from approximately 100 lb-ft to around 140 lb-ft, which was way more than any other car in the market offered. 

By choosing Subaru XT Turbo AWD 1985, the buyers could get their hands on the best 4-wheel disc brakes. It also came with the best and adjustable suspension system. This made driver-selectable ride height easy for the users/ buyer. However, this aspect of the car aged quicker than any other feature. 

Furthermore, the Turbo cars kept the 4-wheel drive as an optional feature for the drivers. They could switch the car to this feature just by pressing a button, which was placed on the shifter. This controlled the 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic gearbox. Over time, the brand also introduced this feature in its other models and versions. 

Details on the Interior

Subaru XT Turbo AWD 1985 is known for its wider cabin space. And for some reason, the designers of this car felt drawn towards the idea of adding a pair of blocky pods. These were added on 3 and 9 positions of the steering wheel, which was then filled with 18 buttons. As stated, the steering wheel had two spokes, which were placed in a distinct L-shaped design. These spokes also had a few buttons along with a sleek and comprehensive dashboard design. The car also had a joystick shifter. 

The Verdict

Subaru had introduced an absolutely unique automobile that showcased that the makers do not have to stay constrained with the conventional style. Once they introduced the Subaru XT Turbo AWD 1985, they had proven their point. 

The car was released in the US market in February. It was renamed Alcyone for its release in the Japan market. While for the Australian and New Zealand market it was changed to Vortex. 


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