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There are not many cars that outlive the classy style and robust performance of others. You can call it “Timeless”. One such car is the Volvo 780 Coupe Bertone 1986. Oozing with elegance and functionality, this unique car features the distinct style of Volvo’s 80s automobiles. With perfect proportions and sleek design, this car would win all hearts that beat for the classy vintage cars. 

Overview of the Car

Volvo 780 Coupe Bertone 1986 is a chic 2-door coupe. The design of this car was done by the leading Italian Car Design Company- Bertone. They were the inspiration behind the design and structure of this amazing car. The company has helped Volvo Cars Corporation in designing 264TE, which was a Limo version of their 264 car. 

Another result of their partnership was Volvo 262C, which was the coupe version of the brand’s 260 car. They have also worked their magic on the basic Volvo 760, creating a unique box-like coupe with a wedge and grand interior. Basically, the collaboration of both these brands has only resulted in the creation of the best cars. 

Working together, they combined the finest, timeless, and graceful designs of that time; which definitely gave out the classic Volvo vibe. They have also focused on creating a new interior for this car. The rear seat had a unique shape to seat only two passengers. In short, the Volvo 780 Coupe Bertone 1986 was very much like an upgraded version of the 760 models. 

Highlights for Volvo 780 Coupe Bertone 1986

The car is adorned with multiple refined chrome bits that are made from photo-etched parts on DNA Collectibles 1/18 scale model available here. Each of these is applied individually by manual efforts. These include the rear and front bumpers, side door protection, and window lining. The front grill is made in a unique perforated design, making it easier for the person to get a clear look at the radiator. 

Furthermore, the badges are also made in a metallic label style. One can feel the design and embossing if they touch it. This is one feature that makes it stand out from many others, giving it a high-class look. The wording on the C-pillar and Bertone logo can be easily demarcated. This showcases the work of this Italian brand and its designers. 

Exterior Looks 

The amazing Volvo 780 Coupe Bertone 1986 has sleek and clean lines that look very much like the Honda’s Sedan cars. The birch wood dashboard and doors give it a vintage look. While the leather bucket seats give it a comfortable, modern, and sporty vibe. It also has an 8-way adjustable power control. It also has A-pillars to provide adequate headroom to all the passengers and driver. This gave the car a faster and more upright look than most other coupes. 

The Performance

The car can go from 0 to 100 kmph within 8.7 seconds, which is an impressive speed for most cars in that era. It has a top speed of 213kmph with a curb weight of 1580 kgs. Volvo 780 Coupe Bertone 1986 proposed as an option a turbocharged inline engine with 4 cylinders. This automobile sports a petrol-driven motor making it efficient for most users. The engine can generate the highest power of 197 bhp – 147 kW just at 5300 RPM. 

It also has the highest torque of Nm (- lb.ft). Featuring a rear-wheel-drive setup, the 780 coupe has a 5-speed manual gearbox. This classic car was manufactured starting from 1985-86. The production was stopped by 1990. After which, only used and second-hand models were available for sale in the market. 

Details on the Interior

The sleek interior of Volvo 780 Coupe Bertone 1986 is all about natural wood and trendy leather. With organic wood accents, the car sports chic leather upholstery that made it different from many other cars. The front seating has power seats that offer comfort and spacious ride experience. 

This has been said to be a great competitor of the 6-Series of BMW and even Mercedes-Benz SEC. However, it could not keep up with the same performance as the opponents. The square dashboard and other luxurious additions give it a grand coupe look. The metallic labels, photo-etched parts, and perforated grill were few other features that made it stand out. 

The Verdict

Volvo 780 Coupe Bertone 1986 is a unique car that is a vintage, timeless and elegant car from the 1980s. Designed based on classic Volvo cars, this one outdid all the others in terms of sleek design and construction. It did not only provide optimal performance but also space and comfort to the passengers. 

The distinct seats and interior were very different from any other Volvo car. It was also one of the best collaborations of Volvo with Berton. The interior and design of the car showcase the grand Italian making of this unique automobile. 

Thanks to DNA Collectibles you can now own not only one but two of this true collector item at scale 1 18. As they are very limited models you should not hesitate to add those beauties to your Volvo or Classic cars collection. If you are interested in other Volvo model cars you can visit this page here as well.

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  • Chris Muller

    A minor correction–the turbocharged inline 4 was not available until the 1988 model year, and was optional at that point. The base engine, and only engine for 1986-1987, was the non-turbo 2.8 V6. I own a 1988 780 and have pre-ordered the blue DNA Collectibles model to be shipped later this year, looking forward to its arrival!


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