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Subaru Baja 1 18 scale model car replica by DNA Collectibles.

The Subaru Baja is a four-door coupe utility, all-wheel-drive, four passenger car manufactured by Subaru between 2002 and 2006 in the United States at Lafayette factory. This car geniously combine the characteristics of a traditional passenger car with the load capacity of a pickup! The Subaru Baja is the child of the Subaru ST-X concept shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2000. And the successor of the Subaru Brat which was also replicated by DNA Collectibles at 1/43 scale!


134.61  121.15

Our Subaru Baja at 1 18 scale is the fourth Subaru ever produced by DNA Collectibles. We have to admit that our community wanted it so hard that we had no choice but to take care of it… As usual, we are dedicated to high quality finishing and incredible level of details. Enjoy the bicolor exterior perfect painting, or the realistic dashboard and interior!

The model you see in the pictures is a prototype that is going to be improved during its production process.

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First of all, the development and production of the Subaru Baja is a perfect example of how DNA Collectibles interacts with its community. So as requested by our followers, we decided to launch our 1/18 scale model in bicolor exterior paint. Yellow Baja and silver stone metallic... You want it, we do it!
All the exterior details of the Subaru Baja are present here. The roof bars, the roof window, the perfectly reproduced engraved lights and the logo of the manufacturer... We didn’t miss a thing.

The interior is astonishing as usual, that’s the DNA Collectibles touch! We replicated all the tiny fine points such as the air vents and radio control buttons, the dashboard details and the seat belts in the best possible way at 1-18 scale. Also look at the bicolor grey/black interior on the dashboard, the seats and the steering wheel as well as on the door panels and gear lever. On the seats we added the nice detail of the Baja engraving behind the driver and passenger's shoulders. To offer the best model scale to our collectors, we asked for the delicate hands of our workers in the factory to apply the informations on the left turn signal and right wipers switches.

Subaru Baja Subaru Baja
Subaru Baja
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Exterior Color

Yellow Baja & Silver stone metallic

Interior Color

Black & Grey




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