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AUDI A2 1/18

Audi A2 colour.storm 1 18 scale model car replica by DNA Collectibles.

Presented to the public for the first time in 1997 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Audi A2 (based on the Audi AI2 concept car) was produced from November 1999 to August 2005 in Neckarsulm. The A2 (Typ 8Z) is a five-door hatchback compact MPV supermini car which became famous mainly because of its light weight (constructed from aluminum), its low fuel consumption, and its engine efficiency. You would like to learn more about the “colour.storm” edition ? Scroll down to our description section !

AUDI A2 1/18


The Audi A2 colour.storm is a DNA Collectibles Exclusivity at the 1/18 scale.
Some would say the Audi A2 has an “unsual” design, but we prefer to use the word “special”. We think at DNA Collectibles that every car has a story to tell and deserves to be properly reproduced in a scale model. Collecting is about emotion !

Each chassis numbered | Limited series:
Imola Yellow: 399 pcs
Sprint Blue: 399 pcs
Papaya Orange: 399 pcs
Misano Red: 399 pcs


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Audi A2 colour.storm : a rainbow in your scale model car collection

The Audi A2 colour.storm unfortunately didn’t meet the desired commercial expectations… Maybe because of it was quite pricey (25’000 EUR | 29’000 USD | 21’000 GBP). However, this car had a lot of arguments to make ! It was designed by the famous Luke Donckerwolke who also designed the Lamborghini Diablo, Murcielago and Gallardo. Both sporty and friendly, the design of the Audi A2 colour.storm was clearly thought “out of the box” and stands out from all other productions. One more typical specification of the car is its very lightweight (chassis made of aluminum) which allows a low fuel consumption and a better engine efficiency. Fun fact, did you know that this Audi A2 is extremely aerodynamic? It has one of the lowest coefficient of drag (down to 0.25).

These facts were good enough for DNA Collectibles to decide to reproduce this cute and uncommon Audi A2 colour.storm 1/18 scale model car. We truly think that each car as an interesting story to tell, hence deserves to be replicated in miniature.

It looks obvious to start to talk about the colors of this car considering that the edition name is “colour.storm”. What an explosion of bright colors! The community decided to select the following body colors thourgh a poll:

  • Imola Yellow
  • Sprint Blue
  • Papaya Orange
  • Misano Red

The body colors stand out perfectly in contrast with the mat black elements such as the wheel arches, the wing mirrors, the front and rear bumpers inserts, and the roof.
Please also note that the interior colors in the cabin harmoniously recall the body colors. What a sweet for the eye!
This is the very first time that DNA Collectibles declines a model in 4 different colors.

Let’s talk about the details of the exterior of the 1 18 scale model replica now.
First, we would like to focus on the front of the car to show you some interesting features. We applied the typical single wiper on the windshield, as well as the central air intake on the bonnet. As usual, the front grill is perfectly replicated, just like the headlights and fog lights.
The “S Line” RS4 style 9 spokes 17’ rims give the sporty look everyone is fond about! Talking about the S Line, we didn’t miss to add the badges on the back doors directly applied on the mat black protections.
Then follow us to the back of the car. We need to highlight the very unusual “curved” designed rear window beautifully crafted and harmoniously integrating the spoiler. Trust us, it was really complicated to replicate this… But we did it! We particularly pushed the realism to the paroxysm by accurately reproducing the specific prominent lateral vertical line shape of the taillights. The aluminum colored protective rod applied on the top of the rear bumper brings some luxury taste to this fantastic scale model car.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is now the time to scrutinize the interior of the model car replica.
As already explained in our introduction, the upholstery colors of the cabin match with the exterior body color to enjoy a very tasteful feeling.
Instead of moulding everything into one block, DNA Collectibles always add several separate parts to be as realistic and accurate as possible, like: the steering wheel, the hand brake, the door handles, the gear lever and the central mirror. In the same spirit, the speakers and the buckles (applied on the real fabric seat belts) are photo etched parts.
Last but not least, the dashboard, the instrument cluster and the central console present tiny details that all serious collectors can only agree on the very high end quality.

Audi A2 colour.storm Audi A2 colour.storm
Audi A2 colour.storm

Development of the Audi A2 colour.storm from 2003

Developing a scale model car replica is a long path… but it's worth it !

Basically, it takes around 9 month to develop a scale model car from A to Z. Even more if you consider the period to select the best next model to reproduce by launching polls and asking questions to specialists and to our community.

The Audi A2 colour.storm is quite a recent car (2003), so it was not very hard to gather precise and correct documentation to deal with the first step of the development : the 3D file.
After several back and forth with the 3D engineer to obtain the best 3D file according to us, then we have to share it with the Audi licence referent to get the official approval and to get the right to move to the next step : the master.

The master is a grey prototype (neither painting nor decorated) used to validate if the 3D has a correct outcome (proportions, angles, shapes…), to make sure the tooling is OK before starting mass production, and to check the global rendering when you assemble all the different parts together. At this stage, the master is also approved by Audi.

Then, the final step before starting the production is to produce a decorated sample (so painted and decorated as if it was the final model) to be approved by DNA Collectibles and by Audi again. The main goal here is to validate the paint job (body, separate parts, interior…), the decoration and the photo etched parts. When everything is 100% validated, we are good to actually launch the production !

Audi A2 Audi A2
Audi A2
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Exterior Color

Blue, Orange, Red, Yellow

Interior Color

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