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DNA Collectibles is one of the few scale model car manufacturer to reproduce Rezvani Motors vehicles. Why? Especially because nobody dared reproducing these models! Ferris Rezvani, the Iranian-American founder of Rezvani Motors, really appreciates our work on its cars. As a proof, he frequently posts pictures and stories of our Rezvani scale model cars on its Instagram page “rezvanimotors”.

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The Beast, the Tank... Rezvani vehicules owned by superstars

Rezvani Motors exclusively manufactures high performance supercars. Ferris Rezvani, the founder, was one of the designer of the Vencer Sarthe and also worked for Ferrari and Aston Martin... No doubt that Mr Rezvani was intended to launch his own supercars company in 2014 in Irvine California. Do you know why the Rezvani Motors logo integrates air fighter wings? It's a tribute to Ferris' father who was a fighter pilot. Since his childhood, Ferris was always facinated by the power and the exhilaration of the F-4 fighter jet, and as an adult, a wanted to recreate the same G-forces sensation behind a supercar streering wheel.

The first and main model launched by Rezvani Motors in 2015 was the Beast which was then declined in three other versions: the Beast X, the Beast Alpha, and the Beast Alpha X "Blackbird".

The next model launched in 2018 by the Californian manufacturer was replicated at 1/18 scale by DNA Collectibles in its two versions: the Rezvani Tank and the Rezvani Tank Military Edition! The Tank is an Extreme Utility Vehicule or XUV designed to be a military truck for the civilian road market. This amazing car comes with crazy features like: Military Runflat Tires, firewall, bomb protection, ballistic armor bulletproof (B4 and B7), glass and all opaque armor...

Supercars attracts superstars!

Rezvani Motors understood that quite well. Chris Brown, the famous american singer, used the Rezvani Beast in its single's video "Liquor". On his side, Enrique Iglesias proudly drove the Rezvani Beast Alpha for "El BaƱo" music video. Finally, the movie "Men in Black: International" featured the Tank in a great shooting scene.