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Our first generation Volvo C70 Convertible in Saffron is a DNA Collectibles exclusivity at 1 18 scale.

Considered as the successor of the Volvo 780, the C70 was presented to the public for the first time in 1996 at the Paris Motor Show, and then introduced to the market in 1997 in Europe and in 1998 in North America. The exquisite design work was shared by two leading authorities: Mr Peter Horbury for the exterior and Mr Jose Diaz de la Vega for the interior. About 72’000 first generation Volvo C70 were produced in its lifetime, around 46’800 were convertibles, and around 25’000 of them were sold in the United States !



The Volvo C70 Convertible 1/18 scale model in Saffron is an exclusivity from DNA Collectibles. After the huge success of our previous version in Turquoise Blue, we had no other choice but to replicate this fantastic model again in this beautiful Saffron body color. So if you missed our first release, here is a second chance to own our great 1:18 scale model car replica of Volvo C70 Convertible. Checkout our pictures and video to see how exquisite this miniature car is.

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Volvo C70 Convertible new edition : same version, new colors, new emotions...

As explained earlier, we already released the Volvo C70 Convertible in Turquoise Blue body color and Beige interior color in July 2019 and believe us, it was a huge success ! About 80% of the models were already sold during the pre-order period, and this scale model car only lasted a few weeks in our shop before it was actually sold out. As a consequence, it was our duty to reproduce a new edition of the Volvo C70 Convertible, in Saffron body color and in Black interior color this time according to our community wishes, to please our collectors and especially those who missed our first edition.

Let’s start with the exterior of the 1/18 scale model car.
First, we decided to offer you a removable black roof. Why?
1 - Because it is fun !
2 - It makes it way easier to contemplate the cockpit.
Then, the chromed front grill is especially well replicated and integrates the typical diagonal bar and the Volvo logo ! The headlights are also very accurate from where you can notice the texture inside and the bulbs. The small headlights wipers were added as separate parts to give the best rendering. Last thing regarding the front of the scale model replica, we didn’t forget neither the fog lights nor the central air intake, if you have a close look at it, you can even see the radiator we added. We love small but valuables details to be as close as possible from the real car.
Come along to analyse the rear of the scale model car where you can notice a lot of interesting details like the chromed exhaust pipe, the “Volvo” and “C70” badges, the third stop light at the top of the trunk, and even the photo etched trunk lock.
Finally, we selected this beautiful set of Silver Propus rims with the Volvo logo on the center cap. You can clearly see the discs and the brakes calipers behind the rims.

Let’s now have a look at the astonishing black interior. The cabin presents very high standards of quality and details especially regarding the dashboard counters, all the buttons of the central console and of the radio, the wooden insert effects on the central console and on the glove box, the Dolby™ Surround Pro Logic™ logo on the central speaker… We didn’t miss a thing !
To bring as much realism as possible, we also added several separate parts such as the steering wheel (with an integrated Volvo logo) and its side paddles, the gear lever, the hand brake, the pedals and the central mirror. Keeping the spirit of being perfectly accurate, the speakers are made of meticulous photo etched parts and the carpet floor is flocked (you can feel the texture with your finger).
And finally and as usual, the seatbelts are made of real fabric.

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