VOLVO V70 R (GEN 1) 1/18

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VOLVO V70 R (GEN 1) 1/18

Our Volvo V70 R in its first generation is an exclusive DNA Collectibles model at the 1 18 scale.

The Volvo V70 was first unveiled to the world in 1996 at the Paris Motor Show. Successor of the famous and successful Volvo 850, this versatile (= meaning of the letter "V") car is the middle sister of the smaller V40 and larger V90. As if versatility was not enough, Volvo decided to offer a sportier version including more horse power and torque, which is our subject matter: the Volvo V70 R.

VOLVO V70 R (GEN 1) 1/18

Another DNA Collectibles Exclusivity is on the road and will be ready to be shown soon! The Volvo V70 R is a sporty version of the versatile standard Volvo V70.
A must have to all collectors and Volvo fans who want to expand their collections at 1/18 scale with this high end replica car.

Stay tuned to be informed when we will release it and don’t miss your chance !

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VOLVO V70 R from 1999 - Development story and facts

Development of the Volvo V70 R first generation 1 18 scale model replica by DNA Collectibles.

Thanks again to our beloved Volvo fans' community, we could start this development with high confidence in respect of fidelity and details. Fun fact is that after having approved the 3D rendering in all aspects, we found out that the real car we used as a principal source of information, was in fact equipped with a modern retrofitted front grille. Hopefully we did not realize it after the production but still only on the first prototype! We then needed to rework this part and make a complete check of the other parts, which could have been not original. Have a look to all the pictures and video, but please bear in mind that the 3D and grey prototype (called "Master" in the manufacturing process) are with the wrong grille.

On the Master's pictures, you can see lots of missing elements, such as the windows, roof, grilles, glasses on headlights and rear lights. Also all the decoration details, such as the dashboard instrument clusters, radio buttons, logos and labels will be added during the next decoration step.

Volvo V70 R Volvo V70 R
Volvo V70 R
Weight 1.8 kg


Exterior Color

Laser Blue

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