VOLVO S90 1/18

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VOLVO S90 1/18

Volvo S90 1 18 scale model replica by DNA Collectibles.

The Volvo S90 is a 5-door limousine manufactured by the Swedish automaker Volvo from 1996 to 1998 for the first generation. It was also known as the one of the first luxury and spacious Volvo cars. Also initially called 960, Volvo changed its model name nomenclature to S90 at the end of the 90s.
The Executive Royal version featured a longer wheelbase and a center console between the rear seats.
Volvo maximized legroom and comfort for rear passengers in a luxurious cocoon. Heated rear seats, independent stereo and climatic controls and even a fridge for your champagne were incorporated.
The first generation of Volvo S90 stopped in February 1998 to be replaced by the S80.
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VOLVO S90 1/18

The Volvo S90 is a DNA Collectibles Exclusivity at the 1/18 scale. Our Volvo S90 limousine first generation from 1998 is a piece of history ! Volvo claimed to have only sold less than 27’000 units of this car version / generation until 1998. You know that DNA Collectibles is keen on finding exclusive, rare, and emotionally charged miniature cars to reproduce at 1:18 scale ! This Volvo S90 isn’t an exception to our philosophy. Bring value to your scale model collection by owning the splendid Volvo S90 1/18 scale model car.

Each chassis numbered | Limited series:
Nautic blue: 399 pcs
Blackberry pearl: 299 pcs
Olive dark green: 299 pcs

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Development of the Volvo S90 - 1998

Real cars often have an interesting story to tell about their historical context, about design facts… But so do scale model car reproductions ! At DNA Collectibles, we think that collecting is much more than piling up replica cars on a shelf, it is also about emotion. Telling the story of the development of a scale model car is part of the passion we want to share with you.

Depending on the complexity of the project, developing a scale model car takes between 9 to 12 month.
First, we need to define what model to reproduce, and this is not as easy as it seems. But we have to admit that we receive a lot of external help from our community, experts, and social media fans. Precisely regarding the Volvo S90, the Volvo Model Cars Facebook group gave us great insights regarding the model, generation, version, year and colors to select.

When the Volvo S90 was finally selected, we could start to work on the development. We had to gather as much accurate documentation as possible regarding both exterior and interior design to produce a 3D file thanks to the work of our 3D designer. The purpose of the 3D file is to prepare the future steps:

  1. by virtually visualize our future model, this is still the time to correct imperfections such as shapes, angles, and every separate parts in general
  2. to help the artist to provide the best master sample as possible
  3. and finally it will be central to develop the correct tooling for the mass production afterwards

After several back and forth with the 3D engineer, we validate the 3D file with the Volvo licence contact to get the last inputs to reach perfection.

The next step consists in providing a master sample. The master is a grey prototype, neither decorated nor painted, fully created and assembled by an artist. This is the very first time when we actually see a physical prototype of the final model. Once again, we check everything : shape, proportions, angles, all the tiny details in separate parts assembled… This master sample needs to be also validated by the Volvo licence to move forward to the next step : the decorated sample.

This time, the decorated sample is totally painted, decorated and glued. The photo etched parts and badges are applied, the tampography process is done properly as well. The goal is to see the final model just as if it was coming out the production line. At this stage, we even use the tools that we will actually use during the production phase. A last validation from the Volvo licence is done here, and when we get this final validation, we are good to launch the production process!

Volvo S90 Royal Volvo S90 Royal
Volvo S90 Royal
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