VOLVO 245 DL 1/18


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VOLVO 245 DL 1/18

Volvo 245 DL 1 18 scale model replica by DNA Collectibles.

One of the most reliable and safest “brick” Volvo ever built. Released in 1974, the Swedish brand created this estate to last forever with their famous foolproof reliability they are well-known for. Safety has been improved by adding lots of new features, like body deformation on specific areas or the doors reinforcements that are still able to open after a crash. Thanks to its never-ending boot space, you could load everything you need.

VOLVO 245 DL 1/18


For the first time replicated in a beautiful 1/18 model by DNA Collectibles, the totally iconic Volvo 245 DL will definitely bring back good memories of the 70’s.
Usually called “bricks” due to the squarish design, this huge and useful break is for sure a big classic.
It will soon join your collection!

Each chassis numbered | Limited series:
113 Orange: 399 pcs
118 Light Green: 299 pcs
108 Light blue: 299 pcs


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Volvo 245 : one of the safest, most reliable and fastest station wagon of the seventies.

Commonly called the “brick” because of its squarish design, the Volvo 245 is also recognized to be one of the fastest, safest and the most reliable (to last forever) station wagon from the famous swedish car maker during the seventies!
No doubt, DNA Collectibles had to reproduce this piece of history in a scale model car replica.

Cherry on the cake, we developed the Volvo 245 in 3 different exterior colors:
→113 Orange (Brown interior)
→118 Light green (Brown interior)
→108 Light blue (Blue interior)
Very seventies ! Isn’t it? Let me add that these colors were explicitly requested by our friends from Volvo Model Car facebook group through a poll. You want it, we deliver!

Fasten your seat belt because we have quite a few features to introduce you regarding this superb scale model car collector. Are you ready? Ignition!
The very accurate perforated front grill was used as well to add a strong Volvo identity to the car with the Volvo logo in the center and the diagonal chromed line applied.
As a proof of how far DNA Collectibles pushes the realism when it comes to scale model replicas, you can see that we even engraved rectangular patterns on the flat bottoms of the headlights below the bulbs which are also very well reproduced.

Creating a smooth link between the front, the wings and the rear of the car, we applied chromed parts everywhere, like the actual car ! You can notice them pretty easily :

  • The line surrounding the front grill and the headlights
  • The line surrounding the windshield
  • Around the side and rear windows
  • On the side mirrors
  • The lines along the wings of the car
  • At the top of the front and rear bumpers
  • At the center caps of the rims
  • On the roof Hinges
  • On the trunk handle...

Let’s move to the fantastic interior.
First, let’s keep talking about the chromed parts a little bit. We meticulously applied a chromed line around the door panels to match as much as possible to the real car. Several interesting features of the Volvo 245 were not forgotten like the speakers on the door panels, the analog clock of the central console, and the typical headrests of the front seats.
As the usual DNA Collectibles signature, the level of accuracy of the cockpit is just astonishing ! You can see all the very tiny details of the dashboard and of the central console.
To bring as much authenticity as possible, we decided to add as separate parts the windows cranks, the armrests, the gear lever, the hand brake, the steering wheel, and even the specific to the car seat belts fixation of the rear seats which are clearly visible from the trunk wing windows ! And last but not least, the seat belts are made of real fabric.

Volvo 245 DL Volvo 245 DL
Volvo 245 DL


Volvo 245 Volvo 245
Volvo 245
Weight 1.8 kg
Car Year


Exterior Color

Blue, Green, Orange

Interior Color

Brown or Blue




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