VOLVO 164 E 1/18

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VOLVO 164 E 1/18

DNA Collectibles is proud to introduce the 164 E for the first time at the 1 18 scale.

This luxury 4-doors executive car was first unveiled to the world in 1968 at the Paris Motor Show. During its production period from 1969 to 1974, more than forty six thousand Volvo 164 cars left the group's factories and was Volvo's answer to the Mercedes-Benz 250 and Jaguar XJ6 luxurious competitors.

VOLVO 164 E 1/18

Another DNA Collectibles Exclusivity is on the road and will be ready to be shown soon! The Volvo 164 E is a classical 1970’s Volvo executive car. A must have to all collectors and Volvo fans who want to expand their collections at 1/18 scale with this high end replica car.

Stay tuned to be informed when we will release it and don’t miss your chance !

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Development of the VOLVO 164 E from 1972

Volvo 164E 1 18 scale model replica by DNA Collectibles.

Here is another look into the development process of the Volvo 164 E at 1 18 scale. One of the major difficulty we are facing when choosing the model and starting its development is definitely to make sure we reproduce the original car. This is certainly even more difficult when the subject is a classic car. Even if we can find good documentation, it happens frequently that some parts are no longer original but retrofitted modern pieces.

Thankfully we can count on our community to help us during this long process of 3D rendering and afterwards during the prototype creation. On the video below you can have a look at some of the images from our 3D engineering software.
The 3D rendering are very important in the development, as it allows us to check every single part of the model car.
While the grey prototype, which is called a Master, is made to make sure the tooling is well manufactured and that the shapes, angles, proportions are correct, the 3D images will show us the fitting of the windows, the shapes and sizes of all the photo-etched parts, which will be added only on the painted sample. The painted prototype will be ready only three months after the approval of the 3D, so we need to make sure we do no mistakes.

We are looking forward to being able to show the final version of this beautiful model car, as it will enlighten your collection with all its chrome and shiny elements.

Volvo 164e Volvo 164e
Volvo 164e
Weight 1.8 kg


Exterior Color

Light Metallic Blue

Interior Color





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