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Volkswagen Combi T2 Last Edition 1 18 scale model replica by DNA Collectibles.

Discover this piece of automobile history of the most famous van in the world! Only produced at 1200 pcs, the Combi Last Edition celebrate the end of the production in Brazil after 56 years. VW kept the retro looks upon this year, and for this special occasion paint it in 2 tones, blue and white. On top of that, with white tires, it is hard to not fall in love with this cute vintage little combi.


134.61  121.15

The Volkswagen Combi T2 Last Edition is a DNA Collectibles Exclusivity at the 1/18 scale.

It is your chance to add this beautiful Combi in your collection! Finally released in the Last Edition version, this marks the end of an era. A pure collector!

The model you see in the pictures is a prototype that is going to be improved during its production process.

Ready to be shipped: Third Quarter 2021
Each chassis numbered

* The payment will be requested at the Pre-Order opening, meaning when the production starts. The payment will never be requested in case DNA Collectibles doesn’t produce this model

263 available for pre-ordering

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The Volkswagen T2 Kombi Last Edition is finally available!

Did you know that the T2 Kombi has been produced until 2013 in Brazil?

We decided to celebrate the 56 years of production of this piece of history by releasing an amazing 1 18 scale model.

First of all, the beautiful bicolor blue and white paint has been perfectly applied on the exterior, which highlight the shapes of this cute little car. The white sidewall tires on the steel rims add the classic touch on this great VW T2 Kombi replica.

The "56 Anos Kombi Last Edition" badges on the side and on the rear are well replicated, and are a particularity of the special edition VW. We can also have a look on the side air intakes which have been crafted with deepness to mimic the real ones. As you know, these are not fake as they serve the air-cooled motor located in the back.
On the front and back, you will see the engraved lights and if you look closely, you will even find the painted silver screws on these. By the way, these screws are also replicated on the front bumper, as the real car.
The perforated front grill looking also exactly like the 1/1 scale car. Of course, DNA Collectibles always add tons of spare parts to add a realistic feeling on the 1 18 scale model car. The door handles on the side, the fuel plug with its tiny key lock, the side mirrors, and even the lateral sliding door hinge are here.
Inside, you will be astonished by the level of realism. Once again, the bicolor interior is a masterpiece. The seats show the blue and white stripes typical of this edition.
On the front, the steering wheel with its apparent column is visible. The typical radio with the special edition stickers on top of it are duly replicated. You will even find a red sprinkler on the passenger side. As usual, the scale model comes with fabric seat belts.
In the back, the 2 bench type seats can receive 6 persons. On the windows, the nice blue curtains are perfectly crafted in spare parts, as well as the chromes bars that hold them.

Finally the trunk is equipped with a spare wheel in a cover.

Volkswagen T2 Kombi Last Edition Brazil Volkswagen T2 Kombi Last Edition Brazil
Volkswagen T2 Kombi Last Edition Brazil
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Exterior Color

Last Edition White & Blue

Interior Color

Last Edition White & Blue




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