Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon STI S402 1/18


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Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon STI S402 1/18

Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon STI S402 1 18 scale model car replica by DNA Collectibles.

Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon STI S402 1/18


Each chassis numbered | Limited series:

Blue: 399 pcs

Black: 249 pcs

White: 249 pcs

Grey: 249 pcs

Pre Order! Ready to be shipped: 3rd Quarter 2022
The model you see in the pictures is a prototype that is going to be improved during its production process.

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The Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon STI S402, a beautiful sporty station wagon for your collection


DNA Collectibles carefully listens to its customers and followers to propose exclusive limited series that have never been commercialized before at 1/18 scale models. That’s how the Subaru Legacy (fourth generation) Touring Wagon STI S402 came out as the winner of our last Subaru poll. You want it, you have it !
We completely understand and approve your choice, because this amazing car looks very seducing:

  • It uses the same boxer 2.5L twin-scroll turbocharged four-cylinder from the WRX STI
  • 285 PS (210 kW)
  • 392 N⋅m (289 lb⋅ft) of torque from 2,000–4,800 rpm

Only released as a right hand drive for the Japanese market only, the Subaru Legacy Touring STI S402 was made available both in sedan and wagon version for around 1000 examplar for each body style.
No doubt that DNA Collectibles had to reproduce in a 1/18 scale model this fantastic Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon STI S402.

Exterior description

First of all, this splendid 1/18 miniature car is available in 4 different body colors: WR Blue Mica, Diamond Grey, Satin White and Obsidian Black Pearl.

Let’s start with the front of the scale model car by describing the nicely replicated honeycomb perforated front grill integrating the famous pleiades constellation Subaru logo on the center and the S402 inscription on the right. Can you notice the radiator behind the grill? What a nice level of details.
Just below the front grill we didn’t miss the intercooler.
As usual, the engraved headlights and foglights are flawlessly replicated, especially regarding the very special lenticular xenon curved shape.
Below the front bumper, the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon STI S402 scale model car proudly displays a carbon-fiber front spoiler to remind its totally assumed sporty attitude, as well as the central hood intake.

If we move to the side of the car, the first interesting feature to notice is the side honeycomb grills on the front wings which are perfectly reproduced. This is one of the big differences that makes this version standing out from a standard Legacy model.
There’s a lot to say about the fantastic wheels, and let’s start with the 18x8 inches BBS forged rims with the STI inscription on the center cap. They are very accurately reproduced, as are the phenomenal front 6-piston and rear 2-piston Brembo brake calipers also integrating the STI inscriptions.

A roof rack has been added as a separate part to harmoniously link the front to the rear of the car. What a great transition to focus our attention to the trunk where the subaru logo, the S402 and the STI inscriptions are perfectly incorporated. By the way, did you know that STI stands for Subaru Tecnica International? This refers to the special motorsports division of the famous Japanese brand.
2 sets of STI twin chrome exhaust pipes were applied on each side below the rear bumper of this magnificent 1/18 miniature car.

Interior description

This is the time to focus on the cockpit now.
The dashboard, beautified by some carbon inserts, and the centrale console integrating a GPS, a multimedia device and a radio are amazingly detailed.
Instead of moulding everything into one block, we prefered to apply several separate parts to bring as much realism as possible, such as:

  • The right hand drive steering wheel
  • The door handles
  • The hand brake
  • The beautiful gear lever with S402 inscription

Talking about the steering wheel, it is interesting to highlight that it is a MOMO steering wheel which is usually standardly equipped on most of Subaru's performance cars. MOMO is an acronym standing for MOretti-MOnza referring to Mr Moretti, a famous Italian gentleman driver, who created the MOMO company in 1960 to produce high performance racing car parts.

The SI-DRIVE (SUBARU Intelligent Drive) system button is perfectly integrated between the 2 front seats allowing it to switch into 3 modes. We pushed the realism to its paroxysm by accurately reproducing the aluminum plate on top of it with the “S402 000/402 SI-Drive” inscriptions.

To conclude with this instructive description, we added some interesting features such as the grey bicolor tones sports seats, the aluminum perforated pedals, the seat belts made of real fabric and the buckles made of photo etched parts.


This 1/18 scale model Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon STI S402 is a stunning hand made high quality masterpiece which will embellish your beloved collection. DNA Collectibles is the only scale model car manufacturer to reproduce this exclusive limited edition, so don’t over think it and purchase it now !

Subaru Legacy S402 Subaru Legacy S402
Subaru Legacy S402

Development of the Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon STI S402 - 2008

Weight 1.8 kg
Car Year


Exterior Color

Black, Blue, Grey, White

Interior Color

Black & Grey




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