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Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe 1 18 scale model replica by DNA Collectibles.

Launched in 1998, only 4500 ex will be produced of the Saab 9-3 version. Thanks to its 2.3l turbo engine of 225hp, this Viggen was really fast! Chassis improvements reviewed in deepness have not been forgotten, and have a hard time trying to pass the huge torque figures on the front wheels. Unusual on a stock car, the brake discs come out of the Saab factory grooved and ventilated. Good to know, the name Viggen pays a tribute to the 60’s Saab 37 Viggen jet fighter.



The Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe is a DNA Collectibles Exclusivity at the 1/18 scale.
Get your collector Saab model in the angriest and most brutal version, the one and only Viggen! Previously released in a convertible version, it is time to make the Coupe shining under the spotlight.
Truly a masterpiece for the Saab lovers, it will surely be a must have to all collectors of classic sport cars.

Each chassis numbered | Icing on the cake, you can even select the color of your choice :
Monte Carlo Yellow | Black Metallic | Lightning Blue

Each chassis numbered

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Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe 1998, a logical continuity for DNA Collectibles after the success our 2 Convertible versions

If you already are a DNA Collectibles or a Saab aficionado, you probably already own one or both of our two previous Viggen we produced in the past in its convertible version. And if you missed them, don’t worry… The Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe 1998 is now available to complete your 1/18 scale model collection! You were very numerous to request this new version : you want, we listen, we act!

Then we had to decide which color to replicate. As usual, we ran a poll to ask our community what would be the best requested colors. 3 exterior colors came up from the poll, and the results were very close… So we decided to reproduce all of them!
* 270 Lightning Pearl Metallic Blue with 2 interior tones blue and black
* 231 Monte Carlo Yellow with 2 interior tones black and dark grey
* 170 Black with 2 interior tones black and dark grey

Let’s focus on the exterior, there’s a lot to say because DNA Collectibles is very dedicated to details and realism rendering.
First thing to notice is the perfect paint job applied on the authentic body. Then we replicated all the specific features of the car like the sun roof, the triangle yellow Viggen badges on the front wings, and the “Saab”, the “Saab logo” and the “93” badges placed on the trunk.
Allow us to focus on the wheels now. In addition to the typical 5 spokes rims, we decided to replicate grooved brake disks used to enhance the cooling of the brakes which was very rarely added in the actual assembly lines in Trollhättan.
To bring as much realism as possible and to level up the overall quality rendering, we always apply separate parts instead of just integrating them into the mould. If you have a close look, you will notice that we created a photo etched perforated front grill with a visible intercooler. The antenna, the side mirrors, the door handles, the spoiler and the oval chromed exhaust pipe are also separate parts added to the main body. Let’s finish this focus by looking at the front of the car with the very realistic engraved headlights and taillights from where you can actually see the bulbs, embellished by the small wipers on it.

What about the interior? Don’t worry, this part is also a main concern at DNA Collectibles.
First of all, we need to point out the very convincing and realistic silver dashboard where you can see every tiny detail like the buttons, the speedometer, and the air vents. Note that the ignition is placed close to the hand brake just like on the real car. We implemented numerous separate parts in the cockpit like the steering wheel with the Saab logo in the center, the hand brake, the central mirror, the gear lever and the photo etched speakers integrated in the door panels. As usual, the seat belts are made of real fabric with photo etched lockers. And finally, DNA Collectibles reproduced the typical sport seats to bring some testosterone to the scale model car.

Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe
Saab 9-3 Viggen Coupe


Saab 9-3 viggen coupe 15 Saab 9-3 viggen coupe 15
Saab 9-3 viggen coupe 15
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Exterior Color

Black, Blue, Yellow

Interior Color





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