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Ford F-150 SVT Lightning 1 18 scale model replica by DNA Collectibles.

The very famous and profitable Ford F-150 belongs to the Ford F-series full-size pickup trucks produced since 1948. What longevity ! Indeed, to last that long, the F-series passed by numerous generations to currently reach the fourteenth today. DNA Collectibles decided to exclusively reproduce in limited series the Ford F-150 SVT Lightning special edition in its second generation and in 3 different colors.
Stay in our universe and scroll down to learn more about our miniature car and about the real pickup.



The Ford F-150 SVT Lightning is a DNA Collectibles Exclusivity at the 1/18 scale. It was an evidence for us to reproduce the Ford F-150 SVT Lightning for 3 reasons: because the F-150 is the best commercial success of Ford so far with a lot of fans, because “the bigger, the better”, and because nobody dared to replicate the SVT Lightning special edition at 1/18 scale before… Now we consider our duty to bring the highest quality this model deserves!

Each chassis numbered | Limited series:
Vermilion Red: 399 pcs
Sonic Blue: 299 pcs
Ebony Black: 299 pcs

Pre Order! | Ready to be shipped : 1st Quarter 2022
The model you see in the pictures is a prototype that is going to be improved during its production process.

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Ford F-150 SVT Lightning - a special edition of one of the most profitable series of all time reproduced at 1 18 scale

As stated in this title, the Ford F-series cars are one of the most sold vehicles in the history of the car industry… No less. We decided to reproduce the special edition from 2003 of the Ford F-150 SVT Lightning in 1/18 scale model car. With a top speed of 236 kmh (147 mph), this car held the official Guinness record of "World's fastest production truck" during 5 years ! This performance bed truck is an improbable combination of a utility pickup and a powerful / fast / sportive engine.
Find below some specifications to support what we say:

  • Engine: 90-degree, SOHC Supercharged Triton V-8
  • Horsepower: 380 hp @ 4750 rpm
  • Torque: 610 N-m (450 lbs.-ft.) @ 3250 rpm
  • 0-96 kmh (0-60 mph): 5.8 seconds
  • 1/4-mile @ MPH: 14.6 seconds @ 97 mph (for our US friends)

Let’s focus on the beautifully crafted 1/18 scale model Ford F-150 SVT Lightning exclusively available at DNA Collectibles in limited series and in 3 different body paints: Vermilion Red, Sonic Blue and Ebony Black.
The perforated front grill integrating the Ford logo on its center is perfectly replicated, as well as the finely engraved facelift headlights and fog lights.

The “Lightning” emblem proudly stands on each front side of the car to show off that it is not just a usual pickup truck. The 5 spokes facelift silver rims with the SVT label on the center cap are very accurate. You can clearly read the “Eagle F1” and the “Good Year” inscriptions on the tires to make them as realistic as possible. To continue in our fetishism of extreme precision, we replicated the tiny digital lock panel below the driver’s door handle. What is it for? Have you ever left your keys inside your car when it was already locked ? Yes, it also happened to you… Convenient to get them back, isn’t it?
A strange fact that cannot be ignored, the double exhaust pipe is located on the right side of the pick-up !

Regarding the rear of the 1/18 miniature car, the “SVT F-150” inscription on the left and the Ford logo on the right were precisely applied. As the usual DNA Collectibles’ signature, the facelifts tail lights are perfectly replicated with special attention to details: nice engravings, visible bulbs and lenses added as separate parts.

The designers placed 4 steps around the car to allow you to get easily into the bed: one on each side, 2 in the back, and we didn’t miss to reproduce these pragmatic details.
Talking about the bed, the Ford Racing bedliner engraved on the floor and walls is a real treat for the eyes. The numerous fixation points for safely harnessing heavy and bulky stuff were not forgotten in our 1:18 scale model car. Separating the cockpit from the bed, a central sliding window, integrating 2 spotlights and a third stop light on top of it, allows you to scrutinize the interior more easily.

That’s an excellent transition to focus our attention to the cockpit now! The harmonious contrast between light grey and black bicolor tones embellishes the global final rendering.
The dashboard and central console are very detailed as usual. To bring more realism, we added plenty of separate parts such as the steering wheel (with the Ford logo applied in the center and the integrated the hand controls), the commodos, the overdrive, the central mirror, and the additional folding central seat allowing to turn the 2 front seats into a wide bench.
Below the speakers, storage compartments were moulded into the doors.
And finally, the buckles of the seat belts (made of real fabric) are photo etched.

Ford F-150 SVT Lightning Ford F-150 SVT Lightning
Ford F-150 SVT Lightning

Development of the Ford F-150 SVT Lightning - 2003

Behind every scale model car developed by DNA Collectibles at 1/18 scale, there is a story. In addition to the market studies and polls systematically done for each model, we also bring our own special feelings during a project. Today, we would like to highlight why we specifically chose to reproduce the Ford F-150 SVT Lightning from an emotional point of view.

You probably already know that DNA Collectibles’ personal signature is to provide rare scale model cars, sometimes eccentric, to fill in the missing cars never reproduced at 1/18 scale. Knowing that, the Ford F-150 seems to deviate from this rule… Indeed, several scale model car manufacturers already reproduced plenty of Ford F-series in general, and more specifically the Ford F-150 because of its huge worldwide success for decades ! BUT so far, the special edition Ford F-150 SVT Lightning has never been reproduced in a high quality scale model car. This is our credo ! What an opportunity to replicate a famous and huge commercial success in a perfect 1/18 miniature car for collectors with the special “DNA touch” !

OK, now we have a fantastic car, this choice was confirmed by our community and experts… Time to start the development which lasts approximately 9 months. The Ford F-150 SVT Lightning is quite recent (less than 20 years), so finding detailed and accurate documentation isn’t a real issue. But this step remains one of the most important one during the development process because it enables us to create the 3D file which will then be central for the next steps.

The 3D file is realized by an engineer whose mission is to be as minutious as possible regarding the angles, the shapes and all the separate parts to digitally visualize our future scale model car. This 3D file is so important to identify all the little details to enhance before showing it to the Ford licence for approval, and then moving to the next step: the master sample.

An artist is in charge of creating the master sample (raw grey prototype not painted and without any decoration). We could consider this step as the “confirmation” of the 3D file, but this time with an actual object in front of us. Even if this isn’t the final product yet, this is plenty enough to validate the global shape, proportions, angles and all the separate parts which will be assembled later in the production lines. Conjointly with the Ford licence, we request the final modifications to validate the perfect master sample before passing by the next phase: the decorated sample.

We reached the decorated sample step ! Produced with the same tools that we will use during the mass production phase, this sample is painted, decorated, and all the separate and photo etched parts are finely applied. This is the final validation stage for which a last control from the Ford licence is requested. When approved, we are ready to start the production process !

Ford F-150 SVT lightning
Weight 1.8 kg
Car Year


Exterior Color

Black, Blue, Red

Interior Color

Black & Grey




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