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Audi 200 Avant 20V quattro 1 18 scale model car replica by DNA Collectibles.

The Audi 200 was developed and produced by the german automaker Audi between 1979 and 1991 to compete with Mercedes-Benz and BMW on the premium sedan market. Even if the first generation wasn’t a huge success, on the other hand the second generation (since 1983) was well received by the public, especially thanks to the Avant and the quattro 20V versions. DNA Collectibles decided to reproduce in a beautiful 1/18 scale model car this powerful four-wheel drive system station wagon : the Audi 200 Avant 20V quattro.



The Audi 200 Avant 20V quattro is a DNA Collectibles Exclusivity at the 1/18 scale. Already reproduced as a 1/43 scale model earlier in DNA Collectibles’ life, this powerful quattro station wagon will be a perfect addition to your scale model valued collection ! This Audi 200 Avant 20V quattro 1/18 miniature car is available in 4 colors. You must own this high end detailed jewel!

Each chassis numbered | Limited series:
Perlmutt White: 299 pcs
Lago Blue: 299 pcs
Cayenne Red: 299 pcs
Brilliant Black: 299 pcs

Pre Order! | Ready to be shipped : 1st Quarter 2022
The model you see in the pictures is a prototype that is going to be improved during its production process.

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The Audi 200 Avant 20V quattro: an avant-garde model from the 90s


DNA Collectibles proposes more than scale model cars for sale… We bring you into our universe where every car has an interesting story to tell, and we cautiously select each model also from an emotional point of view to reproduce exclusive and limited series. Why the Audi 200 Avant 20V quattro? We really like the typical 90s avant-garde spirit incarnated by this model. Indeed, plenty of interesting features are quite rare and reserved for high end cars of this period, such as the electronic and automatic climate control, the 4 electric windows, the heated seats, the electric mirrors, the leather upholstery, a good stereo system… Kind of common nowadays, but very fancy at the time!

Never reproduced before at 1/18 scale, it was an opportunity for us to replicate this wonderful Audi 200 Avant 20V quattro in a high end miniature car.

Exterior description

Available in 4 different body colors (Perlmutt White, Lago Blue, Cayenne Red, Brilliant Black), the paint job is fantastic.
Let’s have a look at the front of the scale model car. The engraved headlights and fog lights bring a fantastic realism rendering. The perforated front grill, from which you can see the radiator behind, integrates the chromed Audi logo and the “quattro” label.

To bounce on the last sentence, your future Audi 200 Avant 20V quattro scale model car replica offers a beautiful chrome pack on the following parts:

  • The lines surrounding the front grill
  • The lip on the top front bumper
  • The roof rack
  • The lines surrounding the side windows
  • Along the black mat side protections and the Audi badge on it
  • On the trunk with the Audi 200 and quattro 20V inscriptions and Audi logo
  • The dual exhaust pipe

Let’s move to the side of the car to see the finely replicated flat 6 spokes rims integrating the Audi logo on the center caps. We chose to add as separate parts the door handles, roof rack and turning signal lights to be as realistic as possible.

It is time to have a look at the rear of the car. Another “must have” from the 90s, a reflector panel was integrated between the rear lights. A quirk of the design regarding this model is the spoiler splitting the rear window in 2 parts! This particular design has been used again later for the Audi A2 which was also perfectly reproduced by DNA Collectibles. Cherry on the cake, the “quattro” logo has been integrated into the small lower window glass. What a nice touch!

Interior description

The cockpit harmoniously combines light grey and black tones with wooden inserts along the dashboard, on the gear knob, and on the door panels. Keep in mind that in the 90s, wooden inserts were considered as the ultimate sophistication trim.

The dashboard and the central console are very detailed. Like in the real car, if you have a close look, the instrument cluster displays no less than 7 gauges! For instance, there are gauges monitoring the battery voltage, the oil pressure and temperature... Kind of unusual compared to any other car from this period, and also prove that this is a performance focus car.

We didn’t miss a thing! Even the differential locking button between the 2 front seats is accurately reproduced. We added plenty of separate parts for the best final rendering :

  • The steering wheel with the Audi logo and inscription engraved
  • The commodos where sharp eyes can even read the printed indications
  • The central mirror
  • The chromed door handles
  • The armrests
  • The headrests

Finally and as usual, the seat belts are made of real fabric and the buckles are photo etched parts. No savings on accuracy to ensure the perfect replica!

Audi 200 avant 20V quattro Audi 200 avant 20V quattro
Audi 200 avant 20V quattro

Development of the Audi 200 Avant 20V quattro - 1991

At DNA Collectibles, we like to reproduce model cars that have interesting histories and strong personalities. We understand why the Audi 200 Avant 20V quattro from 1991 was voted for by our community in our last Audi poll… This youngtimer embodies the race between BMW, Mercedes and Audi during the late 80s to conquer the title of the best premium brand image! The 20V quattro is the most accomplished version of the Audi 200 C3, and that’s why we also found it very interesting to replicate this piece of history in a 1/18 scale model car.

Once we officially selected the Audi 200 Avant 20V quattro, we could start the development process which would last more or less 9 month overall. The first step consists in gathering complete and precise documentation to create a correct 3D file, and it isn’t as easy as it seems… Indeed, the older the real model is, the more complicated it is to find the exact data you need. But we are professionals, we have our ways!

After collecting all the necessary data, our designer can create a minutious 3D file to digitally visualize the future miniature car. All the main moulded pieces, separate parts, shapes, angles and all the tiny details are scrutinized one by one to get full confidence in the project before submitting the 3D file to the Audi licence for its approval before moving to the master sample step.

Based on the approved 3D file, the master sample is then created by an artist. This sample is a raw prototype whose purpose is to confirm the accuracy of the future scale model. The master sample is neither painted nor decorated. We basically check the same things as on the 3D file, but this time in front of the actual prototype. After a second round of approval between DNA Collectibles, the factory, and the Audi licence, we can then move forward to the decorated sample stage.

The decorated sample is the final step before starting the production. During this phase, we are using the same tools as we will use in the production lines. This time, this sample is painted, fully decorated with all the necessary stickers, badges, separate parts and photo etched parts. At the end, the goal is to hold in our hands the same final product as you will get in your collection. For the last time, the Audi licence approves the decorated sample to allow us to start the production process.

Audi 200 20V Avant quattro Audi 200 20V Avant quattro
Audi 200 20V Avant quattro
Weight 1.8 kg
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Exterior Color

Black, Blue, Red, White

Interior Color





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