You will find an indication of the number of miniatures produced per model directly on the product page. For example, if you go to the Ford Fiesta ST page, here, you can read the following information:


Each chassis numbered | Limited series:

Performance Blue: 399 pcs

Magnetic Grey: 299 pcs

Race Red: 299 pcs

Frozen White: 299 pcs


This information can also be found on the model, i.e. under the chassis. This limitation is represented by a metal plate.

Ex: Chassis no. 005/399

This means that you have the fifth model produced in a limited series of 399 units.

It is important to know that DNA Collectibles will not reproduce an out of stock model, except in exceptional cases and we will do so in a different colour to that already produced. 

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You will find on each product page a button «ADD TO CART» or «PRE-ORDER» depending on the status of the model. Once you have made your selection of models, you will be able to access the checkout page from your cart to place your order.
We use secure payment methods via recognized services such as Stripe for credit cards or Paypal. You can also transfer the amount of your order directly to our bank account.
Any payment received from you will automatically reserve the selected model(s). See our models here : All models

PayPal and Stripe are platforms that connect online merchants, like us, with customers. Both are globally recognized payment methods. They help protect your credit card information with the latest security and fraud prevention technologies. When you use PayPal and/or Stripe, your financial information is never shared. This is the best protection for buyers in case of a dispute over the items purchased. Moreover, you should know that between 4% and 6% of the amount of your purchase is taken by Paypal or Stripe. This is the price of this protection and this connection between the buyer and the seller.

If you can’t add to your cart or pre-order a model car, it is either sold out, out of stock or not yet available for sale.
You will find more details on the product page of each model.
You can also contact us by email at [email protected] for any question concerning our models.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to reserve a model before the opening of its pre-order.
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Indeed, we ask for the payment of your invoice in its entirety, in order to validate it. Indeed, it is the only way to be sure that the model you want to buy is reserved for you.
As a reminder, we reproduce limited edition scale model cars and therefore rare series.
As it often happens, DNA Collectibles miniature cars are sold out while they are still on pre-order, and it is possible that they are no longer available for sale when they are put in stock.

If you have your package delivered within the European Union, you will not pay anything more than the amount of your invoice (VAT included). 

For all orders delivered outside the European Union and Switzerland, which we will deal with below, the price you pay for your models is exclusive of tax. It is possible that the country to which your parcel is delivered may levy taxes on delivery. In this case, the buyer is the importer of the goods.

DNA Collectibles cannot evade customs duties worldwide and therefore cannot handle this for the buyer.

If you are a resident of Switzerland, we are required to collect VAT and customs duties as our company headquarters are also located in Switzerland. For this reason, they are duly indicated on your invoice.


For more information, please read this blog post:  

Will you be paying custom taxes and VAT while purchasing at DNA Collectibles webstore?

After placing your order, as soon as a model is available in stock, you will receive a confirmation email containing the link to track your package with the forwarder. By clicking directly on this link, you will be informed from the moment the package is picked up until it is delivered.
Delivery times vary between 2 and 4 days for DHL, and 14 days depending on the delivery address.

We have two different statuses for our scale model cars on sale in our store: models in stock, and models on pre-order.
If you order models available in stock, they will be prepared and shipped, once we receive the exact amount of your order. If they are pre-ordered models, then we will ship them, after receiving your payment, once these miniature cars will be in stock.
In case you buy several models that are on pre-order status, we will ship your entire order as soon as the last model of that order arrives in stock. Therefore, you may have to wait several weeks to receive your entire order.
For more information about our shipping and returns policy, please refer to the following link: Shipping details and policy

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That’s a good question! Indeed, as in any field or professional activity, we find jargon very specific to the world of miniature collecting.
The term « Diecast » is a term that historically referred to all scale models made of injected metal. Nowadays, the word « Diecast » is more commonly used to describe any miniature collectible object, whether it is made of metal, plastic or resin.
The term « Photoetch « refers to the metal parts used for all the chrome detailing on the bodywork, but also in the interior of our models. These parts may also be painted, such as the speakers.
A « Master » is a term for an unpainted prototype, which you can see on some pages of our website. This master is used to check the accuracy of the shapes before moving on to the next stage of development, which consists of adding all the finishing touches, glass and paint.
Although not strictly speaking a technical term, the principle of « Pre-order » is widely used in the world of scale model car collecting. It consists in paying and reserving a model in advance to ensure its availability when it arrives in stock. As DNA Collectibles models are becoming more and more popular, it seems important to us to reserve in advance the future masterpieces of your collection.