Welcome to the DNA VIP Club !

The DNA VIP Club was created to reward our best and loyal customers by granting points which can be converted into interesting discounts and even free products.

But first, to benefit from this program you need to login to your DNA Collectibles account.
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You are all set now, so let’s start.

Your points balance

Your current point balance is .
Your points can be used to unlock special coupons. You always have the choice to keep your points to reach more interesting coupons, or you can use immediately.

Now, let’s see if you can already unlock a coupon.

Available rewards

If this section is blanck, it means you don’t have enough points yet to unlock a coupon. But don’t worry, the next section will tell you how far you are from the next reward.
If you see here an available reward, you can unlock it now or you can save your points to unlock other rewards later.

Rewards you can earn

You can see here all the coupons available in the program!
The green blocks show the available rewards you can already unlock. The grey blocks show all the other rewards you will be able to unlock in the future. For each reward, you can see the necessary points you need to unlock them.

Let’s see now how you can earn more points to reach the best rewards of the program.

How to earn points

And finally, you can see all the different ways to earn points in the DNA VIP Club!
Check frequently this section, we might add few more interesting ways to earn points here.

Few details about earning points:

  • Spend money: the points calculation is based on the price of the product without taxes and without shipping.
  • Place a first ordre: you earn extra points by placing your very first order.
  • User Registration: just create an account to be part of the program, and you earn your first points.
  • Newsletter Subscription: subscribe to our newsletter to earn more extra points.
  • Product review: you can only place reviews on products for which you have been delivered.
  • Birthday: you need to enter your birthday date in Account details.


* Disclaimers

The DNA VIP Club loyalty program may be suspended, modified or terminated in whole or in part without notice. In particular, DNA Group SA may change their points system at any time. No modification, including the cancellation of the loyalty program, will entitle the member to compensation. If the loyalty program is terminated, DNA Group SA will inform its members by means of a notice on the member’s loyalty account and/or by means of a dedicated communication. DNA Group SA reserves the right to delete any DNA VIP Club account immediately and without notice in the event of proven fraud.

DNA Group SA may not be held responsible for the direct or indirect consequences of any anomalies in the operation of the loyalty program that are beyond its control or that may affect the advantages enjoyed by members, regardless of the cause of these anomalies.