Our scale model sport cars

Scale models sport cars are one of the most popular resin and diecast replicas researched by collectors. The line shape, the power and the history of sports cars are very attractive for collectors. Moreover, scale manufacturers also find them very stimulating to design because of their very specific seats, carbon parts, and brake callipers, and this is certainly the case at DNA Collectibles.

The DNA Collectibles' guide to collecting replica sport cars

Collecting sport car models is simply a fun and affordable way for automobile fans to gather versions of their particular favourite sports cars. Today, one of the most popular ways of showing one's enthusiasm for cars is collecting resin or diecast model sport cars.

Resin model cars are extremely collectable because they are made with enormous attention to detail and are exceedingly high quality - the accuracy is second to none. Most models made by DNA Collectibles are about 10 to 12 inches in length and look superb in a display case or on a desk. They are normally made in either 1/43 or 1/18 scale.

At DNA Collectibles, we manufacture and design a wide range of sport cars from the VW Golf GTE Sport Concept to the VOLVO P1800 Jensen Edition which was awarded the Model Car Of The Year 2019 in the 1/18 scale. Browse our collection of replica sport cars. You will be sure to find a resin car that you love. Our limited-edition models are also a great investment as their value will almost certainly appreciate over time.

How you choose to start your collection is entirely up to you. Many collectors of DNA Collectibles sports cars choose to focus on a specific brand of sport car models while others will opt to collect more eclectically. Experienced collectors of diecast or resin vehicles advise "beginners" to collect model cars that they really love and to invest in high-quality brands whose value will increase over time. DNA Collectibles is one of the best ways to find your favourite replica sport car models.

If you are planning to trade diecast models sport cars or the resin models made by DNA Collectibles, you must ensure the item is kept in mint condition and take proper care of your model to protect it from damage. It is also a good idea to keep the original packaging and purchase receipt in a safe place as you will probably not want to put them on display!

If you are thinking about collecting sport car models as a future investment, we advise you to acquire a wide-ranging collection of models. One advantage of DNA Collectible cars is the fact that they are produced in limited editions and frequently feature sports cars that are not made anywhere else -and this scarcity factor is highly sought after in the collectors' world.

As your resin or diecast sport car model collection becomes larger, you will create a highly valuable set that can be displayed in a very satisfying way. Collecting resin cars is for adults of all ages and genders and is far more than just a hobby. It is a passion for those who appreciate expertly crafted and accurately detailed replicas of their best-loved cars. It is a highly rewarding pastime that is enjoyed all over the world.