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Classic scale model cars are very popular among miniature car collectors. A car is commonly considered as an oldtimer if it is older than 30 years, so plenty of cars can be considered vintage. Classic miniature cars appeal to emotion, to memories. One of the ways to recall and enjoy those memories is to collect 1/18 vintage scale model cars. Everytime you look at your beloved collection of oldtimers miniature cars, you can remember the long journeys you used to do as a child when you traveled with your parents or grandparents… What a nice way to pay tribute to personal and emotional memories.

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If a car is older than 30 years, it enters into the category of classic cars. Vintage cars or oldtimer cars are synonyms to classic cars.
There are plenty of reasons for scale model cars collectors to own 1/18 classic miniature cars: some people think that everything was better and more beautiful in the past, some people want to own a miniature version of grandpa’s oldtimer car, some people just want to collect every single car from a automaker at 1/18 scale… Whatever your reasons are, you have every right to do so ! Collecting scale model cars is a very personal hobby involving strong emotions inside you. Vintage scale model cars are usually especially charged with personal emotions because they recall lots of memories.

All members of DNA Collectibles are scale model car lovers, so we do understand what oldtimer miniature cars can ewake inside you. That’s why classic scale model cars occupy a significant place in our 1/18 miniature car range. We already reproduced very interesting, rare and exclusive 1/18 scale model cars ! Regarding Volvo, we have already replicated the Volvo P1800, the Volvo 780, the Volvo 164, The Volvo 244, the Volvo 245… We also reproduced very nice Saab vintage cars such as the Saab 99 Turbo or the Saab 900 Turbo Sedan. At the very beginning of DNA Collectibles, we developed and sold an interesting selection of 3-wheelers like the Bond Bug, the Peel P50, the Mazda R360 and the Fuldamobil S6 !

Much more classic miniature cars are to be expected at DNA Collectibles, so stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter on the footer of this page, and don’t miss the next oldtimer scale model cars of your dreams.