Our scale model car brands

DNA Collectibles is a passionate manufacturer of scale model cars and has decided to focus on a interesting few brands rather than ubiquitous models that you can already find everywhere. Indeed, the brands chosen include many amazing cars that have never been reproduced on a small scale until now. It’s an exciting time for collectors of scale model car brands and we are proud to present our amazing cars here.

Introducing DNA Collectibles Scale Model Car Brands

Each DNA model is, of course, under brand licensing and we are also very proud that Volvo, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, Subaru and others have chosen to put their trust in us to develop their large and impressive catalogue of cars, producing model collectibles that authentically replicate the beauty and power of the real automobiles. Our first model was a Saab and it was a huge success, since then, many other Saab models are frequently added in our e-shop. This list of brands is not restrictive, over the years we hope to grow it slowly but surely with other trusted partners, such as Porsche, Ford or Mercedes. Developing rare or hard to source models is our speciality.

DNA Collectibles is a relatively new scale model car brand located in Switzerland. Our philosophy is to involve knowledgeable and passionate people throughout the entire process from selecting the models to sending prospective purchasers images of the production process. In-depth product descriptions including detailed information about the production process are also available on YouTube. We concentrate on producing treasured, limited edition or numbered scale model cars that no one else has produced yet, with an amazingly high-quality finish and superb detailing. We make our models in resin in 1:18 (and some 1:43 scale in the past). All scale model car brands are available with a chassis number, ready to be shipped all around the world.

Audi A1

See what DNA Collectibles is capable of

Three pictures to convince you about our level of technicity, detail and quality. Three pictures to understand our philosophy to replicate unique, exclusive and emblematic scale model cars.

Our Saab 9-3 Viggen Convertible was our very first model and as a consequence, has a special place in our heart. Admire the wonderful interior details.

Our second model was the Bond Bug 700ES. Do you now understand our philosophy to replicate special and unusual cars? This cute microcar brought us our first award from one of the most famous british magazine.

The Volvo P1800 Jensen Edition is also one of our favorite. Did you know that we won 2 awards in 2019 thanks to these masterpieces?

Saab Viggen
Bond Bug
Volvo P1800


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