Our Volvo scale model cars

Volvo is a brand that forms a core part of the resin and diecast model community, evidenced by the Volvo model cars Facebook group. Our range of cars has an enduring appeal to collectors of Volvo scale model cars.

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The DNA Collectibles Volvo resin scale model car collection

Volvo is one of the oldest car manufacturing companies in the world, producing its first car in 1927 and its first lorry in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1928. DNA Collectibles is proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality resin scale models of Volvo vehicles and these are prized by collectors. Did you know that, for example, DNA Collectibles was rewarded "model of the year 2019" for its model car replica of Volvo P1800 Jensen edition? It is a real pleasure for us to reproduce emblematic Volvo models such as V70 R, 780, V90 Cross Country and many others. The Volvo P1800 is another example of our solid work of the highest standard, although only 320 pieces were made for sale. Attention to detail is the hallmark of all of our Volvo scale model cars.

The C70 is also a fine example of DNA Collectibles craftsmanship. Manufactured between 1996 and 2013, the C70 is a two-door, four-passenger sports compact car. DNA Collectibles decided to reproduce the first generation of the Volvo C70 Softtop Convertible first built between 1997 and 2005 in Uddevalla, Sweden. The C70 was launched at the Paris Motor Show in 1996 and was then officially introduced to the European market the following year and the USA in 1998. The exterior design was the responsibility of by Mr Peter Horbury and the interior design was handled by Mr Jose Diaz de la Vega. The C70 is classed as the successor to the Volvo 780, which has also been carefully reproduced by DNA Collectibles.

A great Volvo fan community

Volvo fans represent a very large, connected and organized part of the scale model car world. These connoisseurs are not just collecting all Volvo car replicas that cross their vision, this is going far beyond that! Indeed this community is one of the most proactive and rightly demanding on the scale model market. They regroup themselves in facebook groups, forums and special events to share information, to express their value for money opinions, to compare the level of quality of the models, to compare manufacturers... Where some miniature model makers would see this community as a threatening critic to fear, at DNA Collectibles we prefer to capitalize on their expertise and on their overall high level of expectancy.

Our close relationship with the famous facebook group "Volvo Model Cars" administrated by Bert Jan Nijhuis is unequivocally a major key factor of success of our Volvo 1/18 scale model range. This group counts almost 10'000 members an claim itself to be the "biggest Single Brand Miniature Group on the internet"! We frequently question and survey this fantastic community to help us to select the futur models and to get interesting feedbacks during development stages.

Volvo V90 OR CC
Volvo V70 R

Volvos in movies and TV Shows

Did you know that Volvo cars are also famous movie stars?

The Volvo P1800 is probably the most popular one! This fantastic car was driven by Simon Templar, interpreted by Sir Roger Moore, in the early 60's in the TV series "The Saint" from 1962 to 1969.

But you would be surprised to see in how many great movies were staring or at least using Volvo cars. Here is for your information some of them:

  • "The Simpsons" : Volvo 244 | driven by principal Skinner
  • "Jobs" - 2013 : Volvo 145 | driven by Ashton Kutcher
  • "World War Z" - 2013 : Volvo V70 | driven by Brad Pitt
  • "Breaking Bad" - 2008 to 2013 : Volvo V70 | driven by Giancarlo Esposito
  • "Desperate Housewives" - 2004 to 2012 : Volvo XC60 | driven by Teri Hatcher
  • The "Twilight" saga - 2008 to 2012 : Volvo S60 R-Design | driven by Robert Pattinson
  • Netflix "American Horror Story - Murder House" - 2011 : Volvo XC90
  • "Gone Girl" - 2014 : Volvo XC90 | driven by Ben Affleck