Our Volkswagen scale model cars

Volkswagen: an iconic German brand that has appealed to collectors of scale models for over half a century. With superb attention to detail, each resin model is an exact replica of the real car! Discover DNA Collectibles range of Volkswagen scale model cars from the Amarok Aventura and Passat W8 to the latest models.

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Volkswagen scale model cars: an enduring appeal

One of the best-known brands in Europe is Volkswagen (also known as VW) and DNA Collectibles could not miss the opportunity to offer our clients for resin scale model cars of the highest quality. However, although you may associate model VWs with camper vans and Beetles, the Volkswagen selection at DNA Collectibles is primarily concerned with vehicles that are not found elsewhere in the collectors market. The number of new models released every year allows us to never run out of ideas concerning resin collectable cars. And the most iconic is, of course, the Golf, which is why our first VW replica was the Golf GTI 25th Anniversary, followed by the Golf GTE Sport Concept.

Did you know that the Volkswagen Golf is actually named after the German word for 'Gulf'? Volkswagen was inspired to name the car after the Gulf Stream. In fact, naming cars after major winds is an ongoing theme with the newer models of VW cars. The Passat takes its name from the term for a trade wind, the Scirocco is named after a Mediterranean wind, and, although many think the Polo was named after the famous medieval explorer, the Polo is also named after a trade wind. And 'Jetta' is German for Jet Stream. One thing is for sure, our collectable Volkswagen resin scale model cars are sure to be flying off the shelves like the wind.

Why are collectors also drawn to Volkswagen resin cars?

Volkswagen diecast and resin miniature cars are highly sought after by scale model collectors around the world, particularly the newer models, such as the Passenger range. Resin models, such as those produced by DNA Collectibles, are very labour intensive to produce. In addition, Resin-cast models are usually produced in smaller quantities compared to die-cast models. DNA Collectibles is delighted to offer discerning collectors the opportunity to add to their collections an interesting and hard-to-source range of collectable resin scale model cars (1:18), such as the Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept 2015, the Volkswagen Passat W8 Sedan 2001 and the Volkswagen Amarok Aventura 2019.

But why, exactly, are Volkswagen model cars so popular? The answer lies in the brand itself. Today, Volkswagen is one of the world’s most successful volume car makers. The Group’s core brand maintains plants in 14 countries, where it produces vehicles for customers in over 150 nations. In the last five years, Volkswagen Passenger Cars celebrated the launch of the new Touareg. Its expressive design, extensive equipment, high-quality materials and world-class craftsmanship, means that is classed as a premium SUV. All the cars in our Volkswagen range are produced with the same high-quality finish, allowing you to potentially own a fleet of the cars of your dreams!

VW Amarok
Volkwagen Golf GTE Sport Concept

VW scale model cars add great value to your collection

Buying unusual Volkswagen model cars can be a great investment for collectors as they tend to hold their values well, are easy to sell at a later date and don't take up much space to display or store. A single rare or expensive item is generally less hassle to sell than numerous cheaper items that add up to the same value.

However, the most important considerations before buying rare DNA Collectibles VW models are firstly originality and then the price. With regularly updated models featuring beautiful colours, shapes, it is not surprising that DNA Collectibles resin scale model cars have already secured a well-deserved reputation for excellence in the Volkswagen collector market.