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A large majority of people feel like they are paying way too much in indirect taxes over everything they buy or consume.

However, often, that is not the case. Ideally, you should feel free to buy our latest range of 1/18 scale diecast cars for your amazing diecast car collection. It is such a shame that misconceptions and confusion around taxes may discourage you from buying something as passionate and enjoyable as miniature car models. Read on to clear your doubts about the taxation system in the EU, and how it is highly unlikely that you would blow a hole in your pocket, just by purchasing replica cars from DNA Collectibles’ webstore.

As an EU resident, do I pay custom taxes when I buy miniature cars online?

The entire manufacturing of our 1/18 scale model cars takes place in China. Once the production process of our miniature cars is duly completed according to our specifications and instructions, the consignment gets shipped to our warehouse in Slovakia. It is from here, that the package containing your order of 1/18 scale diecast cars are dispatched and then delivered to your address, anywhere across the European Union. Concerning taxation laws, this sale of 1/18 scale model cars, is counted as a sale that is being done within the territory of EU. Which is why you are not liable to pay any customs taxes whatsoever on this package, or any other such package, where goods are being delivered to you from within the EU. 

As an EU resident do I pay excise duties when I purchase brand new replica cars online?

The only case where you would have to duly pay excise duty is if you happen to purchase or online order tobacco or alcoholic beverages, such as beer, wine, and others. Apart from tobacco and alcohol, all products, including miniature cars, are exempted from excise duty, given that the goods are being ordered from within the EU, which is very much the case here.

As an EU resident, do I pay VAT on 1/18 scale diecast cars online?

VAT does apply to consumers that are buying goods online from European sellers, which is the case if you are purchasing miniature car models from us. 

VAT is determined as a proportion of the overall price. So for instance, the seller would apply a certain percentage of the cost of 1/18 scale diecast cars as VAT. The percentage is different for different member countries of the EU. Depending on your location, you will find the amount in your cart which is going to  charged while checking-out at DNA Collectibles shop.

The bottom line remains that you are not required to pay any additional taxes on buying your favorite miniature car models, other than the due VAT that is levied on all consumer items in the EU.

As a U.S. resident, do I have to pay any additional taxes while purchasing 1/18 scale model cars online?

No. The U.S. follows very open trade policies, which is the reason why there are no additional duties or taxes levied on U.S residents if you want to order a beautiful scale model car from Slovakia. Being a member country of the EU, products from Slovakia, including 1/18 scale model cars, are available in competitive prices to domestic products within the U.S.

It makes sense to pick the best product, if you don’t have to worry about the prices so much, or whether the product is available in your home country or not. The Internet has truly solved the problem of accessibility, and just by ordering online, you can get the latest edition of 1/18 scale diecast cars from halfway across the world to right at your doorstep. 

Do I have to pay additional taxes to order miniature car models in Switzerland from the EU?

Similar to the U.S.A., Switzerland also has quite liberal trade policies. As a result, there is very less tax burden placed on you for ordering goods such as miniature cars, online. The amount you pay as the shipping fee for ordering the brand new 1/18 scale model cars, duly include the customs clearance and taxes that apply. However, outside of this shipping fee, there are no additional taxes to be paid on your behalf, for the package of the latest diecast car collection to reach you.

What are the tax rules for other countries and locations, outside the EU, the U.S.A. and Switzerland?

If you are trying to order the brand new set of replica cars from a country outside the EU, that is not the U.S. or Switzerland, we recommend that you contact your local custom and excise office for further details. 

We hope that you will find the above information useful and enlightening. Our intent towards clearing your doubts is to provide you with clarity and conviction that you are not being ripped off by unnecessary taxes, every time you buy a new set of miniature car models. Breathe easy. Buying something as fun and enjoyable as the replica cars won’t cost you much.

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