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As a collector you certainly asked yourself where to buy diecast model cars once in your life. Here is a short informative guide to help you in your journey to find your dream scale model car.

Collecting diecast model cars is a brilliant hobby for all ages. The little cars can be played with as toys or carefully curated by experts with years’ of knowledge about the provenance and value of their most treasured models. But where are the best places to find diecast model cars? Toyshops are fast disappearing from the high street, and it can be next to impossible to find a shop selling a good choice of high-quality collectable vehicles. Whether you are someone who likes to collect their favourite models of cars for fun or plan to take up the hobby seriously, we have created a buying guide, to give you some ideas about where to source diecast model cars  for all budgets.

1. DNA Collectibles


There is a new maker of model cars in town, known as DNA Collectibles. A company based in Switzerland started in 2018 by four passionate friends. DNA Collectibles’ focus has always been on unusual scale models in 1:18 and 1:43. The first model was the 1:18 Saab 9-3 Viggen Convertible based on the 1999 platform. Another example in the 1:18 scale were the Volvo P1800 ‘Jensen’ and the Bond Bug 700ES which received rewards from professional experts and magazines. Finally, the recent successes of the Saab 99 Turbo, Volkswagen Amarok Aventura and Subaru Baja shows that collectors are looking to very unique cars as well. 

The Swiss manufacturer has made its way in the world of miniature cars thanks to the passion put into the reproduction of the smallest and finest details. You won’t go wrong with a DNA Collectibles model car.


With a fantastic choice of licences available, you’ll undoubtedly find something you’ll love. How about Volkswagen, including limited edition anniversary models, or why not pursue DNA Collectibles’ ever-growing selection of fantastic vehicles, including big names like Volvo, Saab, and Audi among others.


2. Ebay


If you are looking for second-hand diecast model cars, eBay is a good place to start looking. You can find ultra-cheap cars from €1.00 although these are unlikely to come with their original packaging and will probably be the worst to wear and tear. You may see bundles of cars and other types of diecast vehicles for sale, which are ideal if you have a child who wants lots of cars to play with and a toy garage!


On a more expensive budget, serious collectors will be able to type in the model they require, and there is a good chance it will appear in the listings. If you use the ‘Advanced Search‘ feature, you can look for models for sale in your local area, which will enable you to check out the items in person. Always look at the seller’s feedback rating, and be very wary of sellers with a low percentage rating as this could indicate that they are unreliable. Finally, if you decide to purchase some diecast model cars from eBay, always use PayPal to make the payment, as this offers you a good level of consumer protection if something goes wrong.


3. Buying diecast model cars online from resellers


If you want to buy diecast model cars and sell them for a profit, why not buy them from a reseller? You’ll be able to choose your preferred scale, and the new models will feature good levels of detail and electrostatic paint. If you are interested in sports cars, classic motors, service vehicles, or construction lines, you’ll easily be able to find them, often at highly competitive prices. You can find also very nice articles with important information such as ‘Alternatives to Diecast‘ and it can help you decide to buy your first resin scale model car if you are not sure about it.


4. Jumble sales, charity shops and car boot sales 


If you are a bit of an expert on vintage model cars, you may strike lucky and find a bargain at car boot sales, jumble sales and charity shops. Sometimes people donate old Corgis without knowing their value, although this is less common than in the past, thanks to Google.


Tips for buying diecast model cars


Choose which size 


The scale of diecast model cars may vary most commonly from 1:4 to 1:72. This type of scale refers to the proportion of the model car compared to the original version. The higher the denominator, the smaller the vehicle will be. DNA Collectibles offers vehicles in the 1:18 scale, which also make it possible to replicate a lot of details more accurately than smaller scales.


Buy cars that you love


As with any passion, collecting model cars will be much more enjoyable if you collect vehicles that you love. Collectors often choose to collect cars from the same brand, for example, Audis, or some may go for a specific type of vehicles such as SUVs or sport cars.


Find a reputable manufacturer


The diecast manufacturer will help you to gauge whether the car is likely to be a worthwhile investment or not. If you are unsure about the company, read online reviews and feedback on car collecting forums. Legitimate companies, such as DNA Collectibles, have made an immediate positive impression on the car collecting sector, and there is a wealth of information online confirming their reputation for selling model cars of the highest quality.


Keep the packaging


If you are planning to keep diecast model cars as an investment, it is vital to keep each part of the packaging and the receipt carefully. You will need this if you are planning to sell it at a later date. If you lose the packaging, the value of your diecast model car will plummet. However, this doesn’t mean you have to store your lovely car in its box. Why not invest in a glass display cabinet so that you can display your diecast model cars to their best advantage?

For more information about diecast model cars, get in touch with DNA Collectibles who will be happy to supply information about their latest range.

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