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Volvo has some of the safest cars in the world. However, the Swedish brand has not always had the success it deserves. Volvo models have not always had the elegant design that we know today. For the past ten years, the brand has been revitalized and has adopted a new style. The design of Volvo cars is renewed. The Swedish brand has become more attractive. It now competes with the biggest brands such as Audi, Mercedes and BMW. Discover the 5 most emblematic models of the Volvo brand.


1. Volvo C70 Convertible

The second-generation C70 (2006-2013) features a retractable hardtop, in three parts, designed by Pininfarina. Halfway between compact and family, it benefits from an exquisite line for a coupé-cabriolet – deeply restyled at the end of 2009 – and offers good roominess for four occupants, with a boot whose volume varies from 200 to 404 litres. Small refinement, the roof lifts to facilitate loading. The interior combines a quality of finish and a warm presentation in the purest Scandinavian style. The only minor complaint is that the top-down manoeuvre requires almost 30″ when stopped. Sharing its platform with its contemporaries, the old C30 and S40, it enjoys rigorous behaviour and offers excellent driving pleasure, in which noble 5-cylinder engines, a Volvo tradition, participate. Among which 2.4-litre petrol of 140 or 170 hp, and a 2.0-litre diesel of 150 hp (D3) or 177 hp (D4). Most are offered with Geartronic automatic transmission.


2. The Volvo 164

The Volvo 164 with a B30A six-cylinder rolled off the assembly line from April 1969 to August 1975. The ribbon radiator grille characterizes this model’s almost typical Scandinavian design: the radiator grille shows the diagonal chrome strip with a Volvo emblem that is still known today and is located in the upper right third of the grille. Anyone who wants to buy the Volvo 164 as a classic car needs patience, time and know-how. With its 160 hp, the B30E became Volvo’s most mighty engine to date when it was first launched in 1971.


3. Volvo V70 XC

This four-wheel-drive car is designed to meet the needs of every driver. It is known as the V70 XC AWD and is also commonly referred to as Cross Country. This car comes with a new front grille, larger body mouldings, fog lights and a larger roof rack. Plus, it is also fitted with a luxurious interior with leather seats. A carpet in the boot that can be switched for muddy loads is a nice addition for outdoor enthusiasts. Thanks to the raised suspension, this is a classic example of a Volvo car model capable of any terrain.


4. Volvo 780

Are safety and beauty compatible? On the Volvo 780, Italian designer Bertone and Swedish automaker Volvo worked closely to build a safe and beautiful luxury coupe. Did it succeed?


Volvo has repeatedly polished the brand image with attractive coupés, so it was no coincidence that the 740 series, presented in 1982, received an elegant coupé addition in the form of the 780 model. Bertone was in charge of this, and in contrast to its predecessor, the 262C, the Italian designers had a largely freehand this time.


The noble addition to an important series

As early as 1975, Volvo’s engineers began to think about the successor to the Volvo 240/260 series. It was a difficult time, and development and design priorities and influences changed daily. In February 1982, the new Volvo 760 sedan was finally presented and, with its angular and linear design, it was very well received, especially in the USA. The engines used were the 2.8-litre V6 PRV, a four-cylinder turbo and the D24 in-line six-cylinder diesel supplied by Volkswagen. The cheaper 740 was soon set aside for the 760.


5. The Volvo V90 Cross Country Ocean Race

Inspired by a famous sailboat race, the Volvo V90 Cross Country Ocean Race is a luxurious yet very practical off-road car – luxurious in terms of its interior space, comfort, and materials used. Practical thanks to its many intelligent accessories such as the waterproof floor, the clever storage or its removable flashlight mounted in the trunk. Volvo has been the title sponsor of the sailing regatta since 2001, which leads around the world. As part of the “Volvo Ocean Race Science” programme, all participating yachts are equipped with sensors that use countless data to record the plastic pollution of the world’s oceans.


What does this have to do with the V90 Cross Country?

The Volvo Ocean Race special Volvo car models make a small contribution to combating marine pollution: the floor mats are made of Econyl. This, in turn, consists of 100 percent recycled nylon that is obtained from old fishing nets on the ocean floor. In order to give the whole interior a sporty touch, orange decorative stitching and Ocean Race lettering can be found everywhere. Ornamental strips in carbon optics should not be missing.

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