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Known for offering optimal comfort and convenience to the passengers, Volvo V70 R 2003 is a statement car from the V70 series. Manufactured by Volvo Cars Corporation, the car belongs to the second generation of the designed models. It was also the last variant marketed by the brand in the 2nd generation line. 

The V70 series were successors of the V70 line from the 1st generation and it developed into the V90 series of the company. Just like its ancestors, this car also is an executive all-wheel drive. Launched on 26th September in 2002, the V70 R entered the market for retailing by 2003. 

Initially, the car was listed among the technological breakthroughs of Volvo Cars Corporation. This was because it featured some of the most advanced chassis with active performance. Moreover, it also has Four-C technology, which is a Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept. This has made the V70 R perfect to be used as both a family or sports car. 

Story Behind Volvo V70 R 2003

Volvo has released its ‘R’ series keeping in mind the efficiency of the automotive. Starting with Volvo 850 T-5R, the range continued from 1995 and ended with V70 R in 2003. The production for the high-performance cars under the ‘R’ series has been handed over to the Polestar division of the brand. 

R” actually referred to ‘Refined’, showcasing the high-performance ability and segment of the car. The Volvo V70 R 2003 was one of the most famous cars from the ‘R’ series of the brand. Unlike all the other cars from the series, this car had a more curved exterior and comfy interiors. 

The V70 R Volvo was manufactured starting from 2003 till 2007. This car was an all-wheel-drive (AWD) with 5 seats and 5 doors. Offering 296 hp through its inline 5 cylinders petrol engine, this amazing vintage car was designed to cater to a family’s needs. However, the makers have also focused on making it stylish and performing even when the family’s handover the car to their teenage kids, heading over to college. 

It also has a large luggage space along with sufficient curb weight. The car comes with two gearbox options; these are a 5-speed automatic and 6-speed manual gearbox. The fuel tank capacity also outperformed many other family wagons manufactured back in the days. 

Upgrades to the V70 R

Replacing the classic 850 R and 850 T-5R, the V70 model was introduced in the year 1997. However, with the Volvo V70 second-generation launch, it was upgraded to match the standards and trends. Volvo V70 R 2003 came with leather/Alcantara interiors with diamond stitching accents. 

Even the steering wheel was wrapped in the same leather material, which completed the chic vintage look. The bumper was and dual-colored 16-inch alloy wheels made the car stand out from any other conventional model. However, with the demand of the market, the brand made 17-inch wheels available to the buyers for an extra charge. 

Furthermore, the instrument cluster was adorned with some blue gauge faces. The V70 R also had Volvo’s very own Road and Traffic Information, trunk-mounted CD-changer, and improved stereo system. After this upgrade, the car could deliver 300hp performance. 

The car was available in two engines, 2.4 and 2.4T. The 2.4T engine had wood trimmings, improving the car décor from the insides. While the 2.4 turbocharged engine also had a tiny bump in the horsepower and displacement. Available in striking colors, the car was installed with rain-sensing wipers as well. 


Deriving from the Continuously Controlled Chassis Concept or the Four-C technology, the Volvo V70 R 2003 became popular for its comfort. It’s functioning utilized active dampers that were inclusively re-tuned periodically. In its last versions, the V70 was comparatively incompatible in handling sharp turns, bumps, or B-roads. 

However, with the inclusion of ‘R’, the rides became smoother and better. Slowly, the car became the top choice among the families. The comfortable seating, comprehensive services, adequate gear change, etc. made this possible. 

Chassis & Body

  • Car type: Estate/Wagon (Executive Family Car)
  • Curb Weight: 1782 kg
  • Transmission : 6-speed (Manual) & 5-speed (Automatic)
  • Layout: All Wheel Drive with a Front Engine

Other Specifications

  • Launch: 2003
  • Origin Nation: Sweden
  • Maximum Speed: 250km/hr
  • Engine type: Inline 5 DOHC 20V Turbo
  • Displacement: 2.5 l (153 ci)
  • Power: 299 ps 
  • Torque: 400 Nm 

Pros & Cons of Volvo V70 R 2003


  • Unlimited Comfort 
  • Plenty of Space 
  • Durable Construction 
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Fuel Economy


  • Cost hikes if the buyer adds few extra components 
  • Maintenance is Expensive
  • Less Legroom 
  • Confusing Door lock  

Scale models



Final Verdict

Volvo V70 R 2003 is a performing automobile that is designed to proffer an amazing driving experience. The car made a striking comeback in the second generation of the V70 series of the brand. Over the years, through its comfort and versatility, the car has won over the hearts of many. It has definitely lived up to the ‘R’ addition expectations of the series. 


The Volvo V70 R is an iconic car, which is hardly to be found as a real car today, but thanks to DNA Collectibles you can now add it to your collection at scale 1/18. This scale model car is a very detailed replica made of high quality resin. Check also other Volvo scale model cars in this range here.

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