The love for scale model cars often starts small. It is that one spark that ignites a happy and joyful feeling by holding a scale model car in your hands. Is it the colour? Is it the details? Or maybe it’s the memories of a nice holiday, a beloved family member or a wonderful car ride. Collecting miniature cars is a wonderful hobby that gives you a lot of pleasure.

It is a very good excuse for an evening surfing the internet, or a day out to a model car fair. Looking around, searching, watching and musing. To help you get the hang of this wonderful hobby, here are a few practical tips. What do you actually look for when you go looking for a valuable scale car, and how do you avoid making a bad purchase?



Good memories are always a good excuse to buy a miniature car. After all, you become happy and warm inside when looking at such a miniature. For a moment you are back with a beloved person or you remember a wonderful event. Positive emotions create pleasure and happiness. If you also have a miniature that is highly detailed, you can imagine yourself behind the wheel or in the passenger seat. If you can buy a model car that meets all these conditions, take the offer very seriously. It may be that there will be no second chance. That one special scale model is often the basis of a collection. So give this item a beautiful and above all visible place, so you can enjoy it every day.


How do you expand your collection?

A nice and attractive collection of miniature cars always contains a fixed value. They are all of the same make, type, or colour. If you want to buy a model car to expand your collection, try to search in a targeted way. Just make a list of desired models to avoid miscommunication. It’s just handy if you know exactly what you’re looking for, so you can focus on expanding your collection. You only buy a miniature car if it meets all the conditions. The right brand (Volvo, Saab, Audi…) and type, the right size, and of course in the desired colour. If you deviate from this, your collection will quickly become a mishmash. So search very carefully, and don’t let yourself be persuaded to buy something else. In this way, you can expand your collection in a targeted way and (if you want to) show it to everyone.



Is your showcase not nearly full yet, or are you struggling with the space you have? For a real collector, any space is probably too small. If you’ve built up a nice collection, try to find a good way to display the miniature cars. You can do this by looking for a showcase, or by setting up a complete wall with adjustable shelves. Beautifully detailed miniature cars should be seen. After all, beautiful miniatures lying in a box under your bed or gathering dust in a junk room are no use to you. So enjoy them, and show them off, that’s fine. Moreover, displaying them is a good way to see what you already have and what you still want. It is also the best way to curb your urge to buy and to reserve money for a specific purchase.


Swap, buy and sell

If the closet or maybe even the room has become too small to accommodate all those beautiful little cars, it might be time to sell or trade. Think about it carefully. Which ones are very precious to you and which ones do you never want to get rid of? Put them in a special place, of course. You can sort what remains by size, brand, colour, year or type and use it as a basis for exchange or sale. The best place for this is of course a small-scale car fair, a sales site (eBay) or a Facebook group with like-minded people. In most cases, however, sorting also means the start of a new collection. But that is not a bad thing at all. After all, collecting is a hobby that consists of expanding and contracting by buying, swapping or selling.

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