DNA Collectibles ships from Europe


As you probably already know, DNA Collectibles is a young start up which started its activity only one year ago in 2018. We are improving ourselves day after day since the beginning to provide our customers the best quality, the best shopping experience, at the best prices.

During one year, we shipped all our models from Hong Kong all around the world. Thanks to your very appreciated support and feedbacks, we had to consider that the custom fees in Europe were a real issue for our European customers, and it was our responsibility to react and adapt our shipping system to meet your expectations.

DNA Collectibles ships from Europe:

After 6 months of hard work to change our logistic system, DNA Collectibles is very proud to announce you that from now on, all our models will be shipped worldwide from Europe.

Related to this announcement, you might ask us:

* What are the actual advantages for the customers? What are the savings for the customers?
* Is there also advantages for non European Union customers?

First let us answer on the big lines:

1 – We have changed our products’ price policy! You can now have our products at a better price for the same quality! That impacts everyone in the world wherever you live!
2 – If you live in European Union, you will never be asked extra Custom Duties at delivery anymore! As we are now set up in Europe with a proper VAT immatriculation, Custom Duties isn’t an issue anymore in Europe!
3 – And finally, our shipping prices became also cheaper with faster transit times! That impacts also everyone around the world!

And as a final icing on the cake, please have a look at some examples to see concretely how much savings you can make in different countries:

old vs new shipping chart

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