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Not many brands fancy releasing a car series or variant in bright eye-catching colors. But, Audi took this step with their A2 car series and launched a colour.storm edition. The plan was to boost their summer sales in the market by offering multiple bright earthy colors as an option. 

This variant became very popular in the market as more and more people were drawn towards the color scheme available. While there wasn’t much to the eye, the color of the Audi A2 colour.storm Edition 2003 definitely got the drivers noticed. 


The Car 

Audi A2 colour.storm Edition 2003 is basically a compact MPV-like mini car. It sports a 5-door hatchback body and has 4-5 seats for the occupants. The car was released by Audi, the German Car Manufacturing brand. The production of the original variant of the car was started in 1999 and ended by 2005. 

The design of this car was taken from the Audi Al2 concept car, which was showcased at the 1997’s Frankfurt Motor Show. The car stood out because it was made from aluminum, which was an efficient and economical alternative. 

History of  Audi A2 Color Storm Edition 2003

Just like its inspiration car, Audi A2 colour.storm Edition 2003 was also made from aluminum. The production began in Germany at the brand’s Neckarsulm plant. The facility was upgraded to fit a special production line for this car specifically. It also became the first vehicle with 5-doors to be launched in the European market. 

The car only consumed 3 litres or less fuel per 100km on average. However, these features were only available on the 3L variant of the car that had a diesel engine with an automatic gearbox. It also had narrow tires with a stop-start system. The approximate weight of the A2 colour.storm was 830kgs. 

About the Colors

Audi A2 colour.storm Edition 2003 was known for its bright color options available for purchase. Buyers could choose from Imola Yellow, Misano Red, Sprint Blue, and Papaya Orange. These dramatic shades would easily get all the passerby’s attention with ease.  To go with the colors, these mini cars also had black body kits and accents. 

This mutes the vibrance and gives them a sleek look. They also featured a chunkier-looking bumper along with trimmings on the seats. This gave the car an edgy and more composed style. 


The makers tried to outdo their engineering brilliance in making Audi A2 colour.storm Edition 2003. Driving inspiration from Audi A2, the car won an award in 2001. It proved that the brand could manufacture inexpensive but compact Audi automobiles for their customers. 

Its fuel-economy also added to the effectiveness and performance of the car. Moreover, being made from aluminum alloy and aluminum, this car is also quite light-weight. This takes us back to the fuel efficiency and higher performance output. However, another downside of this car was that it was quite expensive. 

Since the brand was working with aluminum only for smaller production sessions, the process was quite expensive. This reflected in the overall car pricing, making it higher-priced than its other counterparts. Therefore, competing with other Audi A series cars was difficult for the colour.storm. 


With a large and capacious interior, Audi A2 colour.storm Edition 2003 is very different from what it looks from the outside. It has a boot space of 390 litres, providing larger storage than many other cars. Crediting its sandwich-like making, the floorplan is divided into a lower and upper portion. 

The gap in between is used for housing the engine’s electronic parts, fuel tank, and other mechanics. This provides enough space for even the taller passengers to sit comfortably, without bumping their heads. The makers decided to place the battery in the boot, below the floor. It helped in evenly distributing the vehicle weight. 

Service Klappe

Service Klappe is the German term for Service Panel or Hatch. In Audi A2 colour.storm Edition 2003, this unique feature was the glossy panel placed on the lower edge of the hood. This is the spot where the radiator grille is usually mounted. Behind Service Klappe, the makers have placed the filling points for their screen wash liquid or the oil. 

Because of these additions, the user does not have to worry about opening the bonnet multiple times. This enhanced the usefulness and functionality of the car. Many experts even called it the “Sealed Hood”, as the occupants do not have to open it to perform small chores. 

Moreover, the hood was held in place with 2 twist-lock latches. With a weight of 8kgs, this unique structure also ensures that the user can access the engine easily, without opening it. 


Scale model car

You can find this car at 1/18 scale in either Yellow, Red, Blue and Orange on DNA Collectibles website: Audi A2 colour.storm

If you are looking for other amazing Audi scale model cars, you can also check the complete list of Audi models here.


Final Verdict

Audi A2 colour.storm Edition 2003 is a catchy, fun, and performing car by the amazing brand. However, there is not much difference between it and the conventional Audi A2. The major aspect that sets them apart is the availability of a wider color range. Regardless of this, the car was very popular in the market for its unique shades.

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