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After showing you the development process of a Micro Car, DNA Collectibles will show you the impressive 1/18 Rezvani Tank from the first development stage on 3D to the final production model beside the real car. 

Presentation of Rezvani Motors

At DNA Collectibles we love unique and rare cars as much as production cars. When we stumbled upon a Rezvani Motors Tank advertisement, we believed ourselves for a moment on Mars. That was then obvious for us we would like to reproduce this masterpiece at 1 18 scale. Rezvani Motors is a California based company founded by Mr. Ferris Rezvani in 2014. The first production car ever built was the Rezvani Beast. This supercar is based on the Ariel Atom chassis. However the design and unique doors’ opening system, patented as “Sidewinder doors” are home made and this first car was a great success. Super stars like Chris Brown, who bought the first Beast, and Enrique Iglesias, among other, are happy owner of Beast or Beast Alpha cars.

In 2017 the Tank was revealed, showing the world a new type of vehicle. What we commonly name a SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) became XUV (Extreme Utility Vehicle) under Rezvani’s hand. This Tank makes you feel you can survive to any apocalypse or world chaos. It features a standard 3.6l V6 305 hp engine which can be optionally changed to a Dodge SRT 6.4l 701 hp engine. As standard equipment you will find powerful 8 pistons brake calipers with GRID wheels, leather upholstery and high-intensity LED roof lighting elegantly integrated in the roof, turning night into day time with a single switch. That was enough to convince Jamie Foxx to get his hands on one of this beauty. A year later the Tank got a Military Edition upgrade with Bullet proof glass and body armor, underside explosive protection, smoke screen, military run-flat tyres, thermal and night vision systems, gas masks and many more. This Tank Military Edition is available in 1/18 scale in our shop here.

Chris Brown again busted the bank and got his Rezvani Tank Military Edition and so did also Xzibit. You see that this XUV is a beloved car among celebrities.

Let’s have a look at the real car before we go into the details of the Rezvani Tank development:

Below you can see some images coming from our 3D engineering program before approval.

This operation takes around two months until we have a final and approved result. As you can see there are between 80 to 120 (or more) different parts in a high end resin 1/18 scale model. Let’s have a look at the Rezvani Tank development.

After approval of all shapes and details on 3D, here are the molds and tooling developed for the 1/18 Rezvani Tank model. Developing tooling can also take up to two months, then it includes a long process of checking every single piece needs to fit perfectly into its socket or body part.

Out of these molds will come a grey master. It also serve to make sure all shapes and proportions are complying with the approved 3D at the previous development step. Also all pieces are carefully checked and it takes around fifteen days to get a perfect master.  This step is of high importance for all models developed, then once approved, we give the go to the factory to produce the molds which can hardly be changed or at least not without additional costs.

Once we are happy with the shapes and separated parts and their finishing and assembly, we prepare the decorated sample (called deco sample in the industry). It is made by only one high skilled engineer who is able to assemble and disassemble all parts in case of mistakes without us to notice it. He will then individually check and assemble one complete sample for our approval. Form day one to the finished sample it takes almost two months.

However the first step is to paint all parts by the paint master. In order to get the best paint job and scale model to offer to collectors we apply three layers of paint. One is light grey and is the first layer, then the color we choose for the model on the second layer. At the end of the process and after drying the parts during several hours or days, we finish with a varnish layer which protects the color from scratches. To make sure we apply the right colors on all parts of the car, Ferris Rezvani supplied us with the exact color scheme as below.

Only after all parts are perfect and dry we can proceed with the assembly of the models. Have a look at the complexity of the wheels and massive rubber tyres. What we do not know when buying a scale model car is how many operations are needed to assembly one model. There are 16 single manual paint applications on each wheel and each tire needs to be manually cut to fit on the wheels as shown on the below pictures.

Here is a final sample, dismantled on some pictures to show you how extreme the details are, then sometimes it is hard to see them once it is fully assembled. On the underside of the car, you will see the limited edition on 320 pieces produced. This is the way we decided to make sure you know you get your exclusive model.

Obviously Ferris Rezvani got his own model and kindly took a picture of it next to its big sister!

Rezvani Tank30

Thanks a lot for reading and we had a little bit of fun with the model while taking picture of it outdoor. Check this video to play with perspective with us!

Rezvani Tank30

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