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Having a Diecast Car Collection is a passion for many people.

They spend their spare time taking proper care of these scale models, and if they have some time left- they spend it on expanding their collection further. If you too fall in this category of collectors, then you must know maintaining these miniature cars is ten times more difficult than a real car. 

Regardless of so many issues, we like showing off our admirable collection to our guests and other collectors. But, how can you not worry about spoiling your precious scale model cars by getting them out of their packaging?! Relax. We have got all answers to these queries. Whether you are an experienced collector or a rookie, these bits of advice can come in handy at all times. So without further ado, let’s start with the proper cleaning process of our diecast model cars:

How to clean miniature car models?

Three things to strictly avoid when you are having classic miniature models or replicas are: 

  • Dirt & Dust
  • Heat
  • Sunlight

If you have placed your diecast car collection in ventilated display cases, then you must clean the cars once in a while. This is done to avoid larger dust deposition in the pores and compact corners. Never wash your car models, as it can affect the intricate upholstery of the model. As a reliable alternative, you must go for paintbrushes or a compressed air canister. 

Follow these tips for proper cleaning of your miniature cars

  • For the padded seats and door panels, you can use a damp cloth. 
  • Prefer using a microfiber cloth throughout the cleaning process. 
  • Use mild detailing wax to add a little shine on the body; it can also uplift fading color.
  • Make sure that you keep your actions gentle to avoid tampering the badges or graphics.
  • Try including anti-tarnish bags in the cleaning routine. 

You can also make a ‘Cleaning or Maintenance kit’ for your scale model cars. This will help you keep your products together in an organized manner. This kit should always have basics like wax, applicators, polish, cleaning solutions, cleaning cloth, etc. Car Wax is one of the most important cleaning products; it helps to elongate the model car life. However, you must apply wax on the car as soon as you remove it from its packaging. 

For cleaning the crevices on the insides of the diecast model cars, you can also use a Q-tip. Also, conclude the cleaning process by applying polish on the car body; take a small amount of polish for this. Not only will this give your mini car a new and eternal look but will also keep the model safe from dirt/ dust deposition. 

Another worth noting point is that maintaining your diecast model cars can be made budget-friendly. If you don’t have proper cleaning tools or products with you, then you can also use a soft cloth with lukewarm soapy water. 

Remember! While buying cleaning products, make sure that you get no-alcohol and soft solvents. Hard base products can lead to color loss and paint dissolving. 

Now, your miniature car models are squeaky clean and shining to get displayed in a classy case. There is a proper procedure for displaying cars too!

Displaying Replica Cars

Just like keeping proper care of the model cars is necessary, showcasing it in a befitting case is also important. Unluckily, there are many collectors, mostly beginners, who are unable to provide this luxury to their cars. Storage is a crucial aspect of getting a longer life of your miniature cars. These cars cannot survive harsh or normal room temperatures. Whether in its retail cover or not, you must double-check of keeping your car collection in a dry environment. Collectors should also dust these cars at regular intervals to avoid tarnishing and dullness. 

Wondering which display case to choose? Never compromise on space,follow this saying and you will have the answer. Then you must keep the preference of your replica cars in mind. The cases should be capacious enough to store the cars without causing any damage. You can get glass cases, curio cabinets, display tables, vanities, or other furniture for the models. 

Check-in with the seller or manufacturer whether the case you are buying is air-tight or not. Following these pointers will help you save your miniature model cars from sun exposure, mildew, dirt/ dust, heat, and more. 

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Let’s move on towards another controversial topic in the Diecast Car Collection world: 

Should I remove the car packaging or not? 

Once you get your hands on your favorite, vintage, or featured scale model cars, the next conflicting decision is: To remove or not to remove (the model from its base or from the packaging)? 

The answer to this would be: it depends on your prospects of why you got the miniature car models. If you have purchased the model for reselling, now or in the future, then make sure the retail cover of the replica stays intact. A damaged packaging can affect the overall pricing of the classic car model. 

However, if you get the diecast model cars for gifting or personal use, then you can get rid of the packaging. Some collectors like to keep the packaging undamaged and still get to touch the beauty inside. For such aspirants, they always have an option open of buying two of the same replica cars

Overall, being an owner of a diecast car collection with several classics is a proud moment for all collectors. It is like an educational activity that people from all age groups can enjoy. And with proper attention, care, and upkeep, these miniature car models can live for decades. 

In order to help you cleaning your high end scale model cars you can check this video from Robs Model Cars found on Youtube:

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