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The scale size 1:18 is one of the biggest size of scale model cars and is DNA Collectibles most popular scale. How big is 1 18?

Model cars in this scale are between 10 (250 mm) and 12 (300 mm) inches in length, and by definition, it is said that it is 18 times smaller than a car. Let’s look at why so many collectors love the 1:18 scale.


Extra detail 


Virtually all diecast 1:18 scale models produced in recent years have opening doors, bonnet, and boots along with operational steering wheels which turn the front wheels. Tires are frequently fitted on functional ‘springy’ suspension systems. The bonnet or hood usually lifts to reveal a highly accurate and detailed engine bay (whether it is a separate cast piece or just a section of the cast and painted body located between the fenders).


Higher-end models are fitted with genuine leather interiors, accurate engine detail, fully operational sunroofs, windscreen wipers, adjustable seats, movable gear levers and many other realistic accessories. The majority of models are approximately 11 inches (280 mm) long by 5 inches (130 mm) wide by 4 inches (100 mm) tall, depending on the type of vehicle that is being represented. This level of detail is common to 1:18 scales and larger. Typically, and according to local legislation, businesses that manufacture scale model cars will comply with licensing arrangements with actual car manufacturers to make replicas of their cars, both in current production or of discontinued models. It’s clear that the 1:18 scale is perfect for visualising all the details beloved by collectors (compared to the smaller 1/43).


Possibility to stock lots of pieces/items 


1:18 scale diecast cars seem to be the most common size of collectables for some reason. Why is that?


Many collectors grew up with 1/64 scale model cars, or even smaller, thanks to Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Micro Machines, the company that proudly boasted that their cars could fit on a single dime. It might seem strange, therefore, that so many are turning to larger models.


The theory is simple: It’s just a good size for collector’s items!


When you want detail, it’s tough to fit every single nut and bolt of an Audi into a model that’s only a couple inches long. On the other hand, the slightly rarer, larger-scale model cars are a little trickier to manage. You put it on your desk, and it takes up space you usually put your coffee in. You put it on a shelf, and the front wheels lean off the ledge precariously. Cars in the 1:18 scale diecast cars offer the perfect compromise – they allow a wealth of detail, without sacrificing the convenience of a small model car that you can put anywhere.


Not to mention that so many 1 18 scale model cars actually feature moving parts. Doors that spring open, adjustable windshield wipers even. Imagine trying to squeeze that onto a 1/64 scale model Volkswagen.


The 1:18 scale is simply a convenient size. It’s easy to sculpt and model for when you’re working at a scale model company, and it’s not too small or too big for the collector. It’s just the perfect size for a collectable scale model diecast car.


For one of the best collections of collectable diecast models cars, head to DNA Collectibles. They feature a range of hard to find resin  1:18 models of a variety of vehicles, such as Audi, Volvo and Saab among others.

Collectors who demand plenty of authentic details like working bonnets, doors and boots should choose models built on the 1/18 scale. These cars will have more delicate features such as working lights, the wiring of electric engines, rubber hoses and suspension as well as a realistic interior.


The size of a replica is an enormously important factor when it comes to determining value. Although larger models tend to be more valuable than smaller ones, they require more space to display and store, which may not appeal to some collectors.


The details on the models of DNA Collectibles are amazing. The quality/price ratio is exciting, and they are easily transportable in removals, for example. For many collectors, the 1:18 scale is very satisfying as it also allows them to have a homogeneity between the different cars that they collect. As they are all built to the same size, they can get close to the garage of their dreams.


Appearance and size are one of the main factors which influence a replica model car’s value. Serious collectors are often only interested in ‘mint condition’ vehicles, which have no visible wear or defects. These vehicles will have higher resale value when compared to an identical model with minor marks or blemishes.

For high-quality resin 1 18 scale model cars, visit the website of DNA Collectibles. 

With worldwide shipping and excellent customer service, this new company has made a significant impact on the model car market. For more information about the benefits of the 1 18 scale model cars size and current and up-and-coming models, contact DNA Collectibles today.


Youtube video

If you still do not figure out how big is a 1 18 scale model you can check this funny video of a perspective game.

2 replies on “How big is a 1 18 scale model car?

  • Steve Halpern

    I think 1/18 scale models are worth it; cheaper than owning the real deal. No maintenance and the detailing is excelllent.
    Getting parts can be a hassle so I try and buy in a box new and sealed. Drawback is you lose value once you take them out of the box.
    What the heck! Look for new.
    I buy on EBay but have a glitch listing do to a glitch on there part. I sell on Mercari but have limited my exposure when I got scammed on a 1/18th scale prowler which arrived as a 1/64 scale; they would not help me as they refused to differentiate between size & scale.
    They have a policy not to be accountable for size; scale is not size!
    PayPal backed me up. Mercari scolded me for having gotten PayPal involved and threatened.


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