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This is a good question to ask, especially when you have never heard of a brand. That may be the case for you right now, as you discover DNA Collectibles for the first time. You are welcome to join us.
Or you may already know us, but not know it. When we created our brand and company, we never thought about winning any award or price with our models. We only thought to offer the best scale models, which our competitors did not produce yet. Indeed, we have quickly been recognized by our peers and the specialized press. In fact our second model to come out of our factory won the award for the best model in the 1/18th category in 2018. That’s the year DNA Collectibles was created!
Needless to say, this recognition has galvanized us and reinforced our values. Namely, the best quality, at a reasonable price for very limited productions.

Let’s take a look at the awards we have won since our creation until today.

YEAR 2019

From the very first model we decided to set the bar very high and to include as many details and spare parts as possible. We decided to add side blinkers and radiator behind front grilles among others. Those are parts some of our competitors do not bother to materialize. Receiving this first award has encouraged us to continue in this direction.

Bond Bug 700ES, scale model from British Cars Manufacturer Reliant

The Bond Bug was produced between 1970 to 1974 in Tamworth, UK, in a response to the popular Mini and Hillman Imp. It was advertised to be fun to drive. It was exceeding the UK national speed limit of 70 mph (112,6 Km/h) at that time. You will find pictures of this scale model car on its product page here.

Are you interested in knowing more about the birth of this scale model at scale 1 18? You can find detailed information on its production process on this blog here.

YEAR 2020

Volvo P1800 ‘Jensen’ Edition

As you may know, this model is a miniature of the very famous car from the TV show ‘The Saint’. You certainly remember that it was driven by Sir Roger Moore. Nevertheless we were very surprised when we discovered that this specific scale model had not been reproduced at scale 1/18 until we did it. The success of this beautiful, limited model, only 320 pieces were produced, was a great pride. We were so happy that the scale model car industry and collectors recognized our dedication to details and high-quality production. If you have a close look on the pictures you will find on this product page, you will see our commitment to perfection. Look at the details! Especially all badges, the front grille, and the radiator behind.  This last detail is made of photo-etched part. Also and perhaps most impressive of all is to watch at the interior. Furthermore you will find all readable gauges and buttons. On top of that there are multiple spare parts like the gear lever, the crank handle for the windows and the real fabric seat belts among others.

As this scale model was a great success, it was the first time we decided to launch a second production of the Volvo P1800 Jensen but in red livery with cream interior. As this model was also very successful and is very rare on the market, you may struggle to find a sample but you can see pictures of it on this page here.

The 1961 Volvo P1800 Jensen received another highly valuable recognition as it won the Award of the best 1/18 scale model category in the famous Model Car Hall of Fame website. This is a huge community of more than 5.4 Million collectors from around the world who vote each year in many different categories.

Peel P50 – The World’s Smallest Car

Famously driven by Jeremy Clarkson on BBC’s Top Gear show, here, we fell in love with the Guinness World Records Smallest Production Car and we could not resist to reproduce it at scale 1/18. The result is astonishing as we included so many details that it was praised and received a ‘Recommend’ Award. You can check pictures of this beauty on its product page here.

Volvo Model Cars – Yearly Award

2003 Volvo V70 R – Flash Green

Volvomodelcars 2020 Volvo V70R Award

Volvo Model Cars Facebook Group is the largest group for scale models of all scales uniquely dedicated to Volvo Cars manufacturer. The community is approaching 18000 members from all over the world. (status early 2022)

Each year they are invited to vote for their preferred scale model. Until now there were no categories and all models released during the year automatically entered the contest. It may change in 2022 or 2023 to give the chance to smaller scales. In fact it appears that recently only 1/18 scale models were winning the unique award.
In 2020, the competition was extremely strong. Even DNA Collectibles presented this year no less than three models, namely the 2003 V70 R, the 2018 V90 Cross Country Ocean Race and the 2013 Concept Coupé.

Sometimes you can find our Volvo 2003 V70 R in its beautiful Flash Green livery on eBay for more than 350 euros. That’s crazy! It shows also that very limited editions are extremely looking after.

YEAR 2021

Subaru Baja and Volvo V90 Cross Country

It was really fun to develop the Subaru Baja and learn about this car. In fact, we were already working on its predecessor, the Subaru BRAT, when the fans’ community contacted us massively to produce this beauty. When creating the 3D files, we realized that we really appreciate developing pick-up cars. Actually when we decide to launch a new development we try to find cars which have plenty of little nice details. Details which will be probably challenging to add on a scale model but very nice to find. That’s DNA Collectibles spirit! Check its product page here.

This was one of our most complicated development so far, the magnificent Volvo V90 Cross Country in its beautiful Ocean Race livery. The complexity of this model is maybe not something your will notice at first sight. However if you have a closer look at the model, you will see the readable Volvo brand name on multiple places. You will find it on the rubber fixation of the roof rack and inside the sides of the headlights. What other details have been praised as well are the pale grey trim with the orange accents. We did not try to save on details on the interior as you can see. All the buttons have readable indications and the seat belts are made of real fabric. Have you seen the carbon fiber decoration? All those details have been applied by the most delicate hands in the factory. More pictures of this scale model are to be found on its product page here.

This scale model was so special to recreate that we decided to include in its packaging the Ocean Race roof rack and box. This is DNA Collectibles’ gift to our collectors and fans. To tell the truth, it is our way to thank you for being part of DNA Collectibles family.
Those are the reasons why we received another first place award by the British specialized Diecast Collector magazine. A big thank you to the whole team!

YEAR 2022

Volkswagen Amarok Aventura and Saab 9-5 Sportcombi aero

For the fourth year in a row, AMAZING!!, a DNA Collectibles’ scale model won the first place in the 1/18 scale category. This is such a honor and truly remarkable, isn’t it? The winner is the majestic and breathtaking Volkswagen Amarok in its most luxurious Aventura livery.
To continue to reward our collectors, we also added a removable roof spotlight rack. So you can decide whether you want to display your model with or without this additional feature.
Alone the headlights are made of five different parts. All of them are manually painted and assembled by extremely talented workers at the factory.
Are you interested in learning more about the real car? Then you will find interesting information in this blog we wrote about it here. As this model is sold out almost since its arrival in our stock, you will find detailed images on its product page here.

In addition to an already exciting news, the first place of the above mentioned VW Amarok, our Saab 9-5 Sportcombi Aero was also praised for its high quality. We are especially proud of this praise as it was the first time that we reproduced a scale model in different colors.

Again a very big Thank You to Rick Wilson, Diecast Collector’s Editor, and his team for the Awards and praise.

1975 Volvo 245 DL

Volvomodelcars 2021 Volvo 245 Award

For the second year in a row, the Volvo Model Cars Facebook Group has given us the privilege of rewarding one of our wonderful Volvos released this year. It is the Volvo 245 DL which you can see on this page here.

We are obviously very proud of this new award. It proves to us, once again, that we have chosen the right way to develop our models, namely to achieve the best quality and add as much detail as possible.

We are looking forward to continue to offer the best model cars in the coming years.

Thank you to all our collectors and fans for your trust! Your fidelity and all your positive messages encourage us to continue in the same direction and with our values unchanged.

We truly hope to continue writing this amazing story in 2023!

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