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Bringing the best of fastest Ford cars ever built, Ford Fiesta ST 2020 is here to top the list. Its sleek and sporty looks have won over many hearts since its launch. After winning Top Gear Car of the Year award, this is a capacious, performing, and budget-friendly car option for many. Yes, Ford has played safe by upgrading an older variant. But this second generation model offers higher horsepower and sports an amazing interior upgrade. However, most consumers were skeptical of the brand installing a smaller engine in this car.

The available driving modes and smart fuel-efficient technology made Ford Fiesta ST 2020 stand out. This is quite shocking, because not many brands have succeeded in reinventing a smaller hatch and added features. Buyers prefered ST 2020 for its striking resemblance to its predecessors. 

But its trendy and cutting-edge along with improved comfort made it a better alternative for most potential buyers. So, without further ado, let’s check out some more amazing features and upgrades of this car.

New Upgrades in Ford Fiesta ST 2020

Starting with the major changes in Ford Fiesta ST 2020, makers decided to replace the old bulky engine with a smaller one. This is why the car has a 1.5-litre EcoBoost Unit Engine with 3-cylinder setup. Not only was it more compact than the last one, but it also was a more economical option. 

The brand tested the car and it was recorded that it delivered an average of 6.19 l/100km (38mpg). This increased to 5.22 l/100km (45mpg) when driven on motorways. It is pretty impressive since the output is around 199 hp (197bhp) and 290 Nm (214lb ft). 

The car’s performance makes it a better alternative. Additionally, when you drive Ford Fiesta ST 2020 in Cruise Mode, the engine shuts one cylinder. This helps the user save extra fuel. It is quite different from a conventional Fiesta EcoBoost engine. 

Amazing Designing

Taking a sneak-peek to the interior, Ford Fiesta ST 2020 was given a complete makeover on the insides as well. The car boasted flat-bottomed Recaro seats with deep bolstering. Its steering wheel was adorned with a ST badge.

While the Gear gaiter was topped with some blue stitches. Not over the top, but effective enough for an edgy interior look. Interested buyers can choose from a 5-door or 3-door body shell and two trimming options. The cars come equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels, however an 18-inch variant is also available.

Features of Ford Fiesta ST 2020 

As mentioned, Ford Fiesta ST 2020 has a Turbocharger engine with 1.5-litre engine. The engine setup utilizes a Cylinder Deactivation technique to foster improved fuel-economy. These cars come with a standard 6-speed manual gearbox. And the suspension is improved by adding Force Vectoring Springs. 

The amped-up engine and suspension setup helps the car in performing better than its older version. It has a 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) time of 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 231 km/h (144 mph)! That’s impressive. Crediting the digital additions and active exhaust system, the car does not give out any excess noise. 

Its agile and sharp steering wheel renders an amazing ride experience to all the passengers. Being one of the best compact hot hatchbacks, the Ford Fiesta ST 2020 is equipped with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres. It helps in delivering an impressive body control experience.The stylish and comfy Recaro seats and improved infotainment arrangement also adds to the long list of features. 

Tech Specs

In the cockpit, manually adjustable sports Recaro (heated) seats set the racy tone, while a high-res 8.0-inch touch-screen incorporating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (along with built-in navigation) dominates the dash.

Tunes are supplied courtesy of Bang & Olufsen through a 10-speaker sound system. Heated steering wheel and windscreen functions are also present along with launch control (limiting pre-launch rpm to 3000rpm) and three driving modes: normal, sport and track. Each mode progressively ups the ante in terms of throttle response, engine noise and chassis control.

Torque for Safety

Ford Fiesta ST 2020 received a 5-star rating after being tested by Euro-NCAP and ANCAP. It tested the car to offer protection under collision or crash situations. The car is installed with an advanced version of Autonomous Emergency Braking system along with Stability Control and Anti-lock Brakes. 

It also has the following safety gear equipments or features: 

  • Parking Sensors
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Speed Sign Recognition
  • Blind-Spot Warning
  • Rear Camera
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

However, the best addition to the safety features of this car would be the Torque Vectoring function. It helps the driver by providing them with a better control of the automotive under all circumstances. This feature makes the Ford Fiesta ST 2020 a fool-proof safe car. 


Scale model cars

Are you looking for the perfect replica at scale 1/18 of the Ford Fiesta ST 2020?

Thanks to DNA Collectibles who added the car brand Ford to its portfolio in 2021, you can now buy the high end scale model of the Fiesta ST in four different colors. All of them will be in limited series as follows:

Performance Blue: 399 pcs

Magnetic Grey: 299 pcs

Race Red: 299 pcs

Frozen White: 299 pcs

In case you are interested in other Ford model cars, you can check this page and DNA Collectibles will add more models in its range in the coming months. Stay tuned for more information. 

Final Verdict

With its launch, Ford Fiesta ST 2020 became one of the most trendy compact hatchback cars in the industry. Even though the model hasn’t been incredibly popular, this new version with upgrades has made it a popular choice among various types of buyers. 

Available in different versions, the Ford Fiesta ST 2020 has a long list of safety features backing it up. Its sleek and futuristic looks make it stand out when compared to other cars. 


Check the review made by Top Gear’s automotive journalist Chris Harris and have lots of fun driving the brand new Fiesta ST on Youtube.

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