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Dear beloved DNA Collectibles’ fan and collectors, we are happy to introduce you Sergiu, founder of well known Diecast Arena group on Facebook. We are so glad he came to visit our web-shop (here) and has the opportunity to write independent reviews of our scale model cars. Obviously we really appreciate his reviews, not only because he likes our quality and general job on scale models manufacturing, but also because we could (and still can) improve from his comments and suggestions. Please give him a warm welcome and learn a bit more about his passion for scale model cars and how he handles his website and FaceBook group. Here is a short interview:

Sergiu, how did you fall into the passion of model cars and became a collector?

I always had the passion for cars and I started collecting when my parents gifted me the first model in 1:18 scale.

When was it?

December 1996

What was your first scale model?

The first one was a Bburago 1:18 Dodge Viper RT10, still present in my collection today.

Which one is your favorite model in your collection?

Is hard to say, maybe the Mercedes Benz 600 LWB Pullman from Autoart.

What are you managing, what is your community?

I have a personal site and its respective page on Facebook, Playcars, where I started the #automodelsbiography concept, writing and taking photos close to the real of the models I have in my collection. I manage in the same time the Facebook group Diecast Arena open to collectors worldwide and an Instagram account @diecastarena

Why did you open your website Playcars?

While creating my website (you can find here), the first intention was to share my models and keep an inventory of my collection, but fortunately the things become more professional and the site is now the base for my review articles and detailed photos.

What are the points that you think are really important on model cars?

The accuracy, quality of manufacturing and the details.

Is the packaging important for you?

Yes, the package is making the difference, first for the model protection and for the identity of the brand. I like very much the individually personalized boxes, very popular in the past with the brands making american cars.

How do you proceed to write a review of a car and how long does it take?

A review starts always with an interesting subject. If I see a considerable effort put in making a scale model, then I’ll write and share my impressions. To write an article I need an hour and a half, but I spend considerably more time taking photos and editing them.

We noticed that you take very nice pictures. How did you develop those skills or are you a professional photographer?

I’m not a professional photographer, I’m continuing learning and this is proof that making things you like, you will have great results.

How difficult is it to manage your Facebook Page Diecast Arena?

Is not difficult at all, I created a set of rules for the members and I follow them very closely.

How much time do you put into this group and globally to all Diecast activities?

This depends about how much time I have left after a working day, but at least two hours on a busy day. I need to follow my group’s activities very often and if I’m busy with my other duties I keep the photo shooting and writing for the relax moments

How did you know about DNA Collectibles?

From the Facebook posts early 2018.

What do you like about DNA Collectibles models?

I liked and still appreciate the overall quality and finishing level and for sure the old packaging and base will be missed.

Which one is your favorite DNA Collectibles model so far?

I like your first supercar, the Audi R8 LMX, because of the carbon pattern and the visible engine. An excellent model by the way.

If you had one (or more) advice how could DNA Collectibles improve in the future?

I would like to see few more brands in your portfolio and more sport cars, no one made before.

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