Volvo C70 Coupe

Volvo Cars Corporation has built its name by developing safe and sound automobiles. But it is not exactly the name that comes to mind in context with exciting models that are trying to experiment and breaking new ground. But the C70 coupe is an exception to that general perception. This jaunty and licentious front-drive two-door car is meant to challenge the expectations of users, in terms of luxury and performance. 


But despite these bold steps with regard to performance, the brand hasn’t compromised on its staple attribute-safety. This is what distinguishes the C70 coupe 1998 from its contemporaries. It’s hard not to get impressed with how well this model fares compared to some of the other cars in its price range.


Volvo C70 Coupe 1998: Feature-wise breakdown 

1. Engine

The Volvo C70 coupe is designed with either a 2.3litre or a 2.4 litre powertrain options, however, it punches way above its weight. The five-cylinder, 2.3 litre, turbocharged engine boasts of in-line transverse, providing 236 horsepower in its T5 version. It takes about 6.9 seconds for the engine to rev up from zero to 60 mph. In the C70 coupe, Volvo has offered a powerful turbo-engine, however, the sound is a bit audible at slower speeds.


2. Interior

The interior of the Volvo C70 coupe is curvier than the typical Volvo cabins. However, the C70 is pretty consistent with other Volvo interiors when it comes to the dashboard and centre console, as they are still quite thick.

Similarly, the controls, fittings and materials are on par with some of the best Volvo interiors. The instrument cluster comprises of black numerals on grey-faced gauges. It shifts to white from black, on being backlit at night. Everything from the trip computer to the radio and vent system controls, are well put together, making it easier to use them.

3. Seating

You can easily make any number of adjustments to the seats and steering wheel. The seats are highly supportive and comfortable, with plenty of legroom and headspace. Similarly, there is ample glass surrounding the front passenger seat, delivering unhampered visibility to the driver. However, the back-seat is a bit of a let-down. It needs some manoeuvring to get into the backseat as the legroom is limited, and so is the headspace. Not that appealing for a long drive.

4. Exterior

If the interiors showed some diversion from the usual Volvo route, the exteriors of C70 are truly distinct from other Volvo cars. The front hood is pretty unique. However, there is one thing that still hasn’t changed, and that is Volvo’s signature front grille with its sequence of vertical bars and the centrally located square logo of Volvo.


There are some meticulously designed aspects about the exterior that are noteworthy. This includes the mini headlight wipers. Body-coloured, strap door handles can be opened with ease, and the doors are surprisingly light-weight.

Particularly in comparison to some of its counterparts. The brand is offering the following colours:


  • Black, 
  • Coral red metallic, 
  • Saffron metallic or cassias metallic.


5. Trunk

The trunk provides a quite wide cargo volume of 13.1 cubic feet. An emergency spare tire can be kept beneath the levelled bottom. The Volvo C70 comes with a trunk-area tool kit, absolutely free of cost. A rectangular pass-through door, in between the back seat cushions, facilitates the space for lengthy items, such as skis or lumber.


6. Fuel mileage

Volvo C70 delivers an automatic transmission average of 18 miles per gallon for in-city driving and 25 m.p.g. for the highway. Manual transmission editions also delivered the average of 25 m.p.g. on the highway. Moreover, the manual transmission editions for inner-city averaged at 19 m.p.g., which is actually a mile superior to the automatic transmission. The gas tank holds 18.5 gallons of fuel.


7. Performance

A wide flat torque curve, with 243 lb-ft between 2700 and 5100 rpm, makes C70 quite fuel-efficient for normal, part-throttle use. However, full-throttle acceleration delivers a staggering 4000 rpm and above. The more swift C70 is, the more smooth it feels, despite being a competent inner-city vehicle. A very precise 5-speed manual gearbox further amplifies the performance and elevates the driver’s enjoyment.


8. Safety

The C70 Coupe is a Volvo, therefore, safety is in the DNA of the design. The resilient safety cage and impact-absorbing zones envelop the passenger cabin. All seating positions have 3-point safety belts and head restraints. Front occupants have both frontal and side airbags. Antilock disc brakes are standard, along with traction control.


9. Roadability

The C70 demonstrates how a high-performance front-wheel-drive sports coupe can perform on the road. And it is beyond impressive. The standard 17-inch alloy wheels are shod with Z-rated 225/45 tires, providing exceptional road-holding and manoeuvrability. 


10. Price

Volvo’s C70 coupe comes with a proposed retail price of $39,970. by adding some options such as traction control, upgraded sound system and heated front seats, the price amounts to $41,845, comprising the $575 destination charge. The two-door C70 accompanying manual transmission range starts at $38,995.



All in all, the C70 coupe by Volvo is quite good. The attractive exteriors, cosy interiors, and comfy front seating give a very roomy vibe to the car. There is nothing to complain about the performance either. C70 can be a super satisfying and dynamic sports coupe. However, its excessive focus on performance does limit its mainstream appeal. But if you are in for the combination of performance and comfort, then Volvo’s C70 1998 could be your cup of tea.

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