Volvo V90 Cross Country Ocean Race

The Volvo V90 Cross Country is a magnificent car standing out at the top of the top of the current Volvo range.Volvo Cars Corporation introduced its flagship at the Geneva Motor Show in 2016. This car is a tribute to the legacy of the executive Volvo 900 Series which production ended in 1998. This 5-door estate has a massive length of almost 5 meters, offering a huge cargo area. To be more off-road capable the Cross Country version is a slightly raised height, All Wheel Drive V90 with specific front and rear shields on the bumpers. In 2017 Volvo announced in tribute to the world-around sailing race, Volvo Ocean Race, its version of this flagship car, know as the Volvo V90 Cross Country Ocean Race.

Route of the Race

The route of this race starts from Alicante in Spain, traveling through Portugal (Lisbon), South Africa (Cape Town), Australia (Melbourne), Hong Kong, China (Guangzhou), New Zealand (Auckland), Brazil (Itajai), the United State of America (Newport), Wales (Cardiff), Sweden (Gothenburg) to finish in the Netherlands, in The Hague.

V90 Cross Country Ocean Race

Volvo added lots of differentiation points on the Cross Country Ocean Race trim such as orange touches on the front and rear bumpers, interior carbon fiber parts, orange stitching and seams on seats, as well as orange seat belts. A nice touch is the Ocean Race wording engraved on each wheel.

The Volvo V90 is either powered with a 2.0 liter petrol T8 AWD inline 4 cylinders engine with turbocharger and electric motor driving the rear wheels, added recently and developing 320 HP and 87 additional electric HP. Or its comes powered with a diesel D3, D3 AWD, D4, D4 AWD and D5, D5 AWD engine developing between 150 to 235 HP.

The V90 Cross Country Ocean Race as it has been chosen by DNA Collectibles to be reproduced at 1/18 scale comes with a nice separated roof box. Check it here in our shop.

Check the below video from Carscoop on Youtube showing you this masterpiece:

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